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Connecting with other Adelaide bee keepers


Big Hello, to any other Adelaide Flowhive beekeepers. I have had my langstroth hive for only 12 months now and await my Flowhive delivery in a few weeks! Due to the new delivery date!
Anyone who would like to catch up and talk about Flowhive and start a support group please let me know. Thinking of a coffee in Norwood next week sometime if anyone is keen. Please let me know as I’m sure everyone is starting to get excited now it’s getting close. Not sure how many of us there are, so please send me a hello reply and I’ll try and organise a suitable spot and time! Cheers John. (Montacute)


Hi John,

I’m in Teringie and wanted to say hi. Once my Flowhive arrives I’d be interested in catching up and saying hi to some others in Adelaide.

Thanks :smile:


Hi Luke,
Thanks for your reply, hopefully we are only a few weeks away from the first delivery in SA. Do you have hives at the moment? I’m in Montacute if ever your passing please feel free to drop by!


Hi John,

no hives at the moment - I’m coming into it new…so I really need to get my head into beekeeping. Have you been doing it for a while?


Hi John, I am in Eden Hills and missed out on the early delivery of Flow boxes but am expecting mine in December. I have had bees for about 12 months and am loving it!


Hello Glenda
Looks like there are only a few of us in SA. Let’s all compare notes when we receive our Flowhives, hopefully mine will arrive soon so happy to show you and Luke.
I’m in Montacute near Corkscrew road if your in the neighbourhood. Cherries and lemons.


Hi all. I’m in Flagstaff Hill, so pretty close to you Glenda. I’m also going into my second year of beekeeping. My frames have arrived but I’m awaiting the flow super. I’m about to attempt to split my hive so I’ll have a traditional set up and a flow hive set up. Just getting my head around how much tidying up to do inside the hive without making problems for my bees!


Hi Everyone in Adelaide,
I’ve had my Flowhive since Tuesday, and have already dropped a hive in to it, although did have a testing few moments, a few bees found a gap into my suit, so got a few stings on the throat. All good now that the swelling and itching have stopped. My dog watched in horror as I danced about trying to remove the suit, think he now needs therapy.
Bees are looking good and settled, so now the waiting game has started.
Anyone who wants to have a look, let me know.
The valley is flowering at the moment so fingers crossed.

Cheers John


Hi Franmanning,
I am looking to split my hive pretty soon. I made the mistake of adding an extra brood box back in February, and despite having heaps of busy bees over the past few months - no honey. The bees have eaten it all - so I think splitting the hive is the way to go for us. I should have my Flow set up delivered on December 15th. Can’t wait!


How exciting John!!
Looking forward to hear how it is going!


Hi all

I am also receiving my Flow Hive in December. I am brand new to bees and should be receiving my nuc around the same time as my hive arrives. I am in Old Reynella so not far from a couple of you. I am keen to have a look at someone’s established hive if any one is keen.


Hi Glenda
I guess you must have your flow hive by now?
my hive split was successful, I need to have a look soon and see if it’s time to put my flow super on top. I put the super together, but haven’t fixed in the little blocks to keep the four flow frames in place - I got the light version with four frames, so am using ordinary frames in the sides. I figured this way I can harvest from the middle, and leave the side frames for the bees.
Hope your set up is going smoothly :smile:


Just wondering how other adelaidians are going with their Flow hives. My bees have had their Flow super on for about 3 weeks, still working on frames filling gaps, no nectar storage yet as far as I can see. has anyone else bees started storing nectar yet in the flow frames? I am Old Reynella.


Hi @bexta How is it going now? R u doing it in old Reynella? I am in Noarlunga, thinking I might do it out on a property I know rather then in the burbs, how r u finding it??


Hi Steve
Everything is going well with my girls and my flow hive. I had a really successful harvest, taking off around 8kg of honey and some honey comb. i have my hive in my backyard in Old Reynella with my chickens.


Now @bexta this might be pushing it but how comfortable would you be showing it off? Would be great to see one in practice before I make the purchase. Not sure if you’d have any honey left to harvest now? I am not sure when the “flow” stops around here.

Thanks for the reply, steve. :smiley:


Hi Steve @SteveW
Always happy to show off my bees but I won’t harvesting anymore honey now until next season as I’m leaving the girls around 12kg for winter. There is certainly more nectar coming in though.

I am more than happy for you to come and have a look at my setup though if you are keen.



That would spectacular if I could come have a look. This is my rostered weekend off so I have a pretty flexible weekend, could even do friday ( 3 day weekend, yay!) . Yeah, I’ve been looking around and there are still plenty of flowers, this warm autumn would of helped. Never know, might even get a flow through winter haha

I’ll figure out a way on her to private message u and I’ll grab ur mobile number.


Hi steve
I think I have sent you a pm. Let me know if you didn’t get it.
Cheers Beck


Does anyone live near Henley Beach?
I’d love to see a flowhive in action before I buy one…


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