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Anyone in NZ, South Island


Hi there, has anyone on South Island, NZ invested in this and has it worked for you?


We are in Nelson. We have had a full Flowhive for 18 months now, but with a registered beekeeper looking after it for us till last October. It is working really well, but since last October it has been a very steep learning curve for us - although we joined the local bee club they didn’t have anyone willing to mentor us. We have expanded the hive so we now have 2 brood boxes, 1 Flow box and one ordinary box which we will use as their winter supply, and not bother to harvest. Our local club has bought a box and have recently put it on one of their hives so ti will be interesting to see what they think of it longer term.


Hi. I live in Wellington and set up a Flow Hive in December last year. Despite a poor season I got a full super of honey for the winter. Looking to be well set up for the next season


Hello, I will be looking to set up a flow hive in Pegasus when I can finally get across the ditch. I have spoken to the president of a Christchurch bee club who doesn’t seem to think it’s going to work there. We didn’t get into it all that much but I do not think he has had an experience with them. I am very keen to make contact with flow hivers in the area. I would have liked to have my hive set up for the spring so if anybody would like to give me a hand I would be very happy even though I am not there.


@Snow.Queen I know you didn’t talk to them much, but what was the essence of why they thought it wasn’t going to work?


I am not entirely sure but I have since learned that manuka and rape seed a very thick and would not flow from the flow hive. Or so the posts that Irene have suggested.


In all probability They have no idea.


It was said to me that the generally agreed view here (amongst the members in the club), was that it was too cold in Tasmania and that the honey wouldn’t flow out. I found that not to be the case. Christchurch is I think about as far south on the planet that we have active forum members, but the climate is similar to here I believe. As to the manuka and rape seed, I can’t say. We have manuka in Tasmania but I am not aware that anyone has a Flow hive with that as the main nectar source.


I don’t know how close @Sting is to you, but I think he is a Kiwi. :blush: Hopefully he can comment.



I’m in Christchurch and the system works. But I don’t live near any Manuka forests! Plenty of Manuka around, but mostly mixed flora.

Anyways, the short answer is that the flow box works fine. The longer answer will take me a bit more time than I have now…


Thank you for your response Sting. The information I got came from the president of the Christchurch amateur beekeeping club. When I get over there, that is to New Zealand, I will be living just north of Christchurch at Pegasus. Do you attend the Christchurch amateur beekeeping club? How many years have you been using flow hive? Mine has been sitting in a box in the garage waiting for me to get there. It has taken longer than expected but that is also a long story.


It will work in Pegasus. Certainly not too much Manuka there!

I’m with the CHCH Hobbyists. But most old bee keepers dis the flow hive like they did anything new!! I’ve only used it for one full season with varied success. Got only about 10 kg off it when I got 50kg of a normal hive. There is lots of variables though so not the full story. I’m using it again now and it is aleady half full, so should get heaps of honey.


Thanks Sting, can’t wait to get started. I am hoping to be there before next spring to get things rolling.


I am in Oamaru. Had no honey last year due to summer never really arriving. Hopeful this summer will be better.