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NZ flow owners and beekeepers


A line for nz based bee keepers and flow hive users to communicate about experiences events etc


Just looking forward to delivery at this stage. Not looking like its going to be before the next spring queen raising period tho but …


What region are you in? I’m in the Wairarapa and also have an order being processed. Can’t wait to try it out but does seem it will be after Spring. Would love to keep touch to know how things go during the season.


We are i south canterbury with delivery due Dec. I start on an agri business bee keeping couse at the end of the month that runs for 1 year.


Hi Susanne, we are based in Auckland. Complete newbie to the whole experience. Looking forward to it!


Hi all,
I’m awaiting delivery of my flowhive in February too, and also brand new to bee keeping. I had a disappointing experience today when I joined the Backyard Beekeeping NZ group on facebook and told them I was getting a flowhive - a lot of vitriole out there! What a shame people aren’t prepared to give it a fair go. I’d be very interested in joining up with anyone else within reasonable driving distance of Napier once the flowhives start arriving so we can support each other to get set up if there’s anyone else local that would like to.

Sarah. :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

We’re in Heathcote Valley and looking forward to delivery of our flow hive in December. We’ve had a hive for a few years and enjoyed the extraction experience (mountains of honey), but are really keen to try out the ‘flow’, as I’m sure it will simplify the exercise for a back yard bee keeper.

@ Sarah: it is a shame that people just have to bring others down on-line. Not sure why they feel the need. I’m sure you’ll love bee keeping.


Well, the Flow light frames arrived today. Pretty funky looking stuff for sure. I will modify a Landstroth tommorrow night then get a nuc to get the whole thing started up. Its still quite wet and cold down here in the deep south so I dont think that there should be any real disadvantage to the amount of time to crank a hive up. If it works as well as it should I will invest more for the business. I am interested to hear how other folks are getting on.


Keep your head up Sarah. When the iPhone came out all the businessmen I knew who had Blackberrys all pooh poohed the iphone… who’s laughing now?

We can support you from a distance (Auckland) here anyway! They probably don’t like JAFA’s either (or Australians who invented the Flow) so stay strong. I am sure others in your area will pop up who have purchased soon.

Simon - SolarEnergyHouse.co.nz


Thanks Simon, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: No doubt we’ll all be excitedly sharing our results over the coming months. :smile:


Hi Sarah, I had the same thing. Am also new to Beekeeping and reading as much as I can trying to gain experience and joined a club. I won’t be broadcasting the Flowhive to old timers, too much negativity and everything I’ve read downing the flowhive seems rubbish and obvious they haven’t studied the workings of the flowhive propperly. I haven’t found any reason that it would cause any problem whatsoever using the flowhive. Would be lovely to have a group facebook or email group to connect the new flowhive users in NZ since it seems we are quite widely spread. Perhaps one day we could all get together somewhere too. Any suggestions on how to do that would be great.


Hi, all. We’re located in Warkworth, and have recently set up a hive in our backyard, in conjunction with a local beekeeper. He is quite excited about working with the Flow hive - interesting how younger folk are much more open to new ideas. Our challenge is dreaded German wasps. As we live on the edge of a park, it is very hard to track and destroy the nests. We have taps set up around the hive and have managed to catch some queens. Goodness, I never realized how big they are. We’re using a combination of oranges laced with a bit of cat food as bait. Luckily, our bees seem to be petty adept at fighting the b******s off.


Hello everyone.
Flow frames arrived today in Wellington and the rest of the hive is on it’s way, looking forward to getting it setup and figuring it all out as I’ve never kept bees before!


I am in Auckland and expect mine in December so not long now. Anyone else in Auckland that wants to check it out before theirs arrives will be more than welcome to pop around.


Hi all
I am in the Waikato and my flowhive is due to arrive in Feb so in the meantime I have a nuk that I brought in Sept and been feeding them up so I have a strong hive ready to go (now two brood boxes high) but yet to decide if I will pop them in the new hive when it arrives or wait until spring.
Waiting to hear how they go from others that already have theirs in NZ .
I am also a NuBee


Hi all

Absolute newbie to beekeeping. Flow hive ordered last week, due in March. Can’t wait. We are in Wainui so there will be a few of us in Auckland.


Hi There, I am planning on ordering a hive and getting into it. My son sent me a box of frames as he must have contributed on the Indiegogo campaign. We have a large block of Coromandel watershed, so the only question is whether it works for manuka honey, but I want to try it. Excited to be learning more about beekeeping. So this forum will be great to share info.


Correction, I’m not planning on “getting into the hive” ha ha , but getting into beekeeping!


:slight_smile: you were right first time. You will be getting into the hive to check the brood, for swarming preps and to keep on top of beetle. Lots to learn but exciting at the same time. Join a bee club.
Happy beekeeping


I just have this image of you crouched in the brood and super area without frames in. LOL