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Convert UK national brood frame to langstroth in 1 minute

How do you progress swapping out converted UK National/Langstroth brood frames to pure Langstroth frames as the brood increases?

There are multiple ways of getting the hybrid frames out:

  1. Add a second brood box on top, with All Langstroth frames, once the bees move up during winter. You can remove the brood box below off so that you can deal with the hybrid frames.

  2. Assume you just have one brood box, you start to put the Langstroth frames in the middle and slowly move the hybrid frames to the out side. When the bees down size during winter you can remove the frames they not occupying in Spring. I would suggest do it over time rather than in one year.

Hi Paras,
thanks for your response. Very helpful. The only thing is when we tried to convert the national frames to the Langstroth frames we found the nationals too deep for using cable ties. They turned out to be the same depth as the Langstroth frames supplied with the Flow Hive. I am now left with the prospect of cabling them to a top bar which will leave a gap at either end of the frames. Will this be a problem as the bees will most likely draw freestyle comb on the ends of the frames? Will it create a mess? This will be 5 out of the 8 brood frames unless there is no brood in one of the current frames. Going to try moving them tonight if possible.

Hi Rebecca does your frames look like this, this is picture that Scott posted originally.