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NW Louisiana and Nearby Surrounding ARK-LA-TEX Areas


Hi, I’m Wiley and I live a couple of miles south of Shreveport, in Keithville. I’m starting this thread in the hopes of connecting with others nearby. I’m sure there are several others in the Shreveport/Bossier, Waskom/Longview areas and such who jumped on the Flow Hive wagon. My dad raised bees when I was a young boy but quit before I was old enough to start taking a personal interest in learning what all was involved. I plan on joining my local beekeeping club later: http://www.labeekeepers.org/LocalClubs.htm but I also hope to glean as much knowledge from others in this forum as well as try to assist others however I can.


Nearby and nearby, I’m in New Orleans and I am a newbie, probably more so than yourself. The nearest club I can find is in Covington, across lake Pontchatrain, so as far as I am concerned it’s quite the drive either way. I won’t be the source of knowledge that you seek, but I’d be happy to make your acquaintance and keep in touch electronically. Perhaps it can get a conversation started and more experienced keeprs will join in, at least.


Hi Vin. Nice to meet you! I’m sure you’ve given up on ever getting a response from me. Things have been hectic around here nonstop with family stuff. I would love to keep in touch, if nothing else to share success and failure.