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Creative Urban Hives


It always me how creative people can be with there hives.

What unique hives have you seen?


Here’s a novel idea for your hive in a log that we observed a couple of weeks back. I love the idea of the natural space being occupied by bees.

Hive in a log and as it contains removeable from frames, it should be legal.

See the full post here => http://www.permies.com/t/32735/sepp-holzer/Holzer-Style-Log-Bee-Hive


Hi Beck, thanks for posting, I like the sky hive, you can lower it down to work the bees, the cranky bees will go back to where the hive normally is & leave you alone. It’d be great to show people what happens when you raise the hive to it’s normal position. The hive entrance looking like a vacuum cleaner.