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Bell & Whistles; Bee Box Bling


OK, Totally frivolous. But so cool. I want one for the front of the Brood Box on the next hive I build!

What kind of ‘Bee Bling’ do you covet?


I wish I was that artistic or talented at carving. I’d love to have some decorations like that on the hive though.


I am working on some new boxes that have a cut our design in the side of the box to allow observation of what is happening inside the box on a daily basis, it will also allow for viewing of when the outermost flow hive is filled and capped.

That is a cool box though.


Bee hives don’t get much more high end than this:


I reckon you can. Look up Dollhouse supplies on the internet and you’ll find some interesting stuff. Just need to get the scale correct and then you can buy windows, shutters, doors, etc … you name it!


Beautiful! You must have spent hours designing your beehives. :slight_smile:


Oh they’re not mine - just saw them elsewhere.
Don’t think I have the patience - mores the pity.


Very nice. I have painted mine, but will post pics later