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Crystal Honey or Hive Beetle Eggs?

Realised my flow frames were starting to fill up yesterday. Went to lift up the top box but wasn’t getting anywhere, pretty heavy. So i decided to do my first extraction on one of the frames. Towards the end of this i noticed that a few of the other frames were pooling a small bit of honey in their tubes below the frames.
In two of them i noticed these crystal like structures. Like grains of salt in a way, littered withing the pooling honey.

I think by attempting to crack off the top box i may have dislodged some of the cappings in the flow frames and cause them to leak a bit. But i’m not sure what these white things are. Whether they are pieces of wax, crystallized honey, or my worst fear being, hive beetle eggs.

I know that i do have hive beetles. As on my bottom board that day i found 1 or 2 larvae crawling around. But they haven’t been seen as much of a problem as of yet.

If anyone would have any insight onto what the salt looking things are, it would be much appreciated.

These are the residuals accumulated over time. I would clean them out before turning the tap… I used a Chux cloth wet in warm water with the L key to scrub and wiggling all the way to the end.

Congrats on the harvest, hopefully mine will be in 2 weeks and can’t wait for the 1st one of the season. IMG20181025105530 IMG20181025105507


Taste the honey and you’ll know right away. If it tastes good, just filter it.


Crystallized honey or wax fragments are the most likely. If you put some in a glass of water, you would know - if it floats, it is wax, if it sinks, then you have sugar crystals. I don’t believe that they are SHB eggs, as beetles far prefer to lay in dead bees or bee larvae, not in honey supers.

I agree with @Chislen, clean out the channel with a damp cloth or a bottle brush and warm water. When you drain the frame, just strain the honey through a fine sieve if needed.