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Customs & Excise to UK


Has anyone from the UK got their orders yet and if so what were the customs payments ?

I have two coming and tried to calculate through their site but couldn’t find a category for Beehives ?

Donna x


@Donna_Collins Yes I was in the first wave.

I’m trying to find out from Rep on the pesticides sub committee if we can get the tax back on the hives but presently we are paying the 20% VAT Sorry


If it is VAT then you can claim that back only as a business expense.


Was there any Import tax on top and how were you informed ?


DHL collects it before delivery can be completed.

You can either go online and pay it or at the door when they deliver.

It’s not import tax per say it is VAT on good bought overseas


We are doing a bulk shipment over to Europe at the moment.
Based on feedback that we have received from our early bird European and UK customers we have taken steps to address the issues which have arisen from importing our products from two separate locations.

To minimise unexpected customs and import charges we have modified our shipping process so that our company can process the customs clearance for you and absorb the majority of these costs.

We don’t know exactly if there will be more fee’s, etc., to pay… but it should at least be better than previously.
Hopefully we will have more info soon :slightly_smiling:

ps this is our HS codes -
The HS Code (Customs Tariff) for the Complete Full Flow Hive is:
Wooden parts
HS code: 4421 9097
US HS code: 8436.80.0070
UE HS code: 8436809000