Frames have arrived but no sign of the box

Got a fabulous package in the post today, the frames look great. Would love to get them out on my hive but I don’t have the hive as yet. I haven’t had an email about it being sent so how can we find out where we are in the queue? I knew there was an issue with the frames, broken machinery causing a delay but I ordered a complete hive. Seems most people have the opposite issue? Is there a way to check where our orders are at? Thanks

I am wondering if I am in the same boat as you! Looks like my flow frames have shipped (according to the emails) and my honey flow account states that I am partially shipped. But yeah was under the impression that it was the opposite problem. A quick question - you are in New Zealand?? I am in whangarei NZ and just got a letter from customs. They are holding my shipment and require an invoice (to charge duty no doubt) but my customs says the shipment is worth $20. And I don’t want to give them my invoice as 1) it’s way more than $20 and b) I have more shipping and don’t wan to have to submit the same receipt and pay a fortune! Looks like I may just put an email through to honey flow hit wondering if you not others have encountered this problem???! Thanks!

Sorry no, I haven’t had a letter from customs but I expect I’ll have to pay duty, might be $150ish. I live down in Bluff and I’m so wanting to get the frames in the hive this summer but it’s not looking good. I didn’t have to pay any duty on the frames but I’m expecting too on the hive itself, not sure if there’s a way around that but please share if there is :wink:

That’s lucky you dodged the customs for the first part of the order. I have emailed honey flow to find out exactly what is in the box that they shipped to me so I can explain it all, or figure it out myself! Yeah it would be great to get started in the hive! I have a friend who has my bees just waiting in another hive - excited to get it all set up!! I will keep you posted when I find out more!

I didn’t dodge anything as such, I think over $400nz is when the gst kicks in so the frames from Australia won’t be an issue but the hive itself will. Your package must be the hive and when the frames arrive they’ll just be delivered. What I’m not sure about is why your parcel says it cost $20 but customs is holding it. The whole hive is $600US so we will have to pay gst on it, I’m just not sure whether we provide the invoice to customs or if there is one in the package they can open and find themselves.

Just wanted to let you know I got an email saying the rest of my hive was coming and after checking the tracking it came from Portland and is sitting in Auckland. Paid my GST and MfE fees so hopefully I get everything by early next week.:grinning:

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Awesome! If you’re on facebook feel free to join nz flow hive group

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