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USA import tariffs?


Did those who order from US have to pay any import tariffs, hire an agent, or what is the process, did you just order on the website and not have to worry about that?


The majority of the hive is made here in the USA, only the flow frames are manufactured in Australia. If you are getting your perk from IGG, technically it’s a gift since you didn’t buy anything. I doubt there will be any tariffs to deal with…


Yea, the wood is from the USA. I did not order from IGG. I’m considering ordering from the website, but the tariffs is the only thing confusing me and keeping me out.


I ordered the Cedar Flow Hive Classic from the web site in July. My delivery estimate is February. I paid in full up front for basic cost and shipping. I ordered another Flow super in November - I believe in them THAT much!! :sunglasses:

The hives are built by beethinking.com in Oregon, USA. I may be charged sales tax, but I have ordered several hives from beethinking.com in the past, and to the best of my memory, I have not been charged sales tax. Ever. Nor shipping, but I buy quite a bit once I open my wallet… :blush:

The frames are shipped from Brisbane, Australia. I am regularly sent packages from the UK, and after inspection by US customs, they decide whether or not to charge import duty. I have to say that in 19 years of being sent gifts and mail order items, I have paid minimal duty in the US. Now of course I have jinxed myself, but my bet is that US customs will think that this is not taxable, and you won’t have to pay extra. Ask me again in April, when I should know for sure. But for now, it isn’t a deal breaker for me.

In the words of my little niece… “DOOO EEEETT!!! You know you want to!!!” :smile:



Ok. Thank you. :slightly_smiling:
I will wait and see.


I ordered off IGG and the website. Part of my order is here. The USA stuff and the Aussie stuff all arrived with no complications.


The latest shipping update on my Frames shows it shipping from Portland…


I just got a call from DHL, here in NZ I have to pay $124 for GST, import duty and inspection, which makes this one very expensive hive!!!


Alternatively, you could have knocked up a top bar hive from any scrap timber laying around. Put your name down for the first available swarm that comes along & that would be one very inexpensive hive.