Missing Complete Full Flow™ Hive, received only the Wooden Parts

After waiting all this time and delays etc, i received just a few days back that my package has been shipped via DHL, which actually DHL delivered it in Cyprus with in 1.5 days!

I even got so exited that i arranged with a beekeeper that i know, to come and see it and order more frames for him and show him how to adapt his brood boxes, and organize a transfer of a hive and place it in my olive grove.

Unfortunately as i ordered long time ago the Complete Full Flow™ Hive, with supposedly 6 Flow frames, tubes key etc, those super super duper invoating easy flow frames did not arrive and where not in the box with all the wooden parts.

I paid 751 dollars for the full box with 6 frames! I have been waiting all the time, delays and waiting; eventually receiving the wooden frames without the actual flow frames, made me extremely disappointed in the level that i really wondered whether it actually worth the prepayment support!

The reply of the support is even more frustrating and worse the support telephone for Europe do not work!

The boxes and the frames come from different places. USA and Australia. They will arrive in two shipments.

Officially Unfortunately no one informed me of this! i only got one shipment and i only received one shipment from the Netherlands.

I also received the wooden parts, but no flow frames. My shipment arrived in December and I am awaiting the 2nd part. when can I expect that?

I now see other messages stating that it may end of February. thanks.

I got my wooden parts and an still waiting on my Flow Frames, but I did get an email telling me this about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Maybe the email to others went to Spam?

i got them last evening! all perfect! they arrived with dhl with in a day after i received the notification for shipment:)

ORDER 10919278

I am having the sale issue. Waiting for the flow frames. No response from FlowHive.

Bees coming soon!


Panic Not ! The upper honey super is not used at first. Where do you live ? Some/many regions like mine near Seattle start with double brood boxes.

Are you having Nuc’s or Packaged bees for starting ? In beekeeping it’s wise to have backup plans. I have built extra supers just incase. Extra 8 frame cedar boxes can be ordered from Beethinking.com in Oregon … USA …

as i said above i had the same problem! which was solved with in a few days! the new shipment was send few days after. just be patient as they will reply as they did to all my requests email etc as well! i guess they are overwhelmed with the demand!

I received only the flow plastic not wood? 2 Boxes and I can not find customer service when I log onto my account? Please send the wood frame??

Maybe I have your frames as I do not have my wood and I have 2 boxes of frames.

LOL! Maybe so haha! As is I’d be lucky to need my Flow Frames this year since I have 1 Deep and 2 Medium Brood boxes (8 frame) to fill with my new NUC (in late May)

Older post, but I thought I’d share my shipping and tracking email for the FlowFrames today. Look to be here by the end of next week.

Hi NeuMana,

I’m sorry your post was missed. Perhaps you have gotten answers in another area of the forum?

The plastic flow frames are produced in Australia and shipped in one box from there. The woodware is shipped from Oregon in the USA. So it is normal for the items to not arrive at the same time.

If you have additional questions while you wait for the arrival of your boxes you can check out this thread for more information;

FYI I just got my Flow Frames, so as of right now I have EVERYTHING. I hope everyone else gets there.

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Thanks Gerald_Nickel!

I received the flow frames a few weeks ago and am ready to pick up my bees on 4/30. I’m in Dallas, TX and hoping to get the brood box rocking & rolling before it gets too hot.