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Cut Out Long Hive Instructions

I have someone that is willing to modify a Long Hive for the flow but he is out of state and I need to provide him with instructions for the cut out. Where would I start with explaining how to make the flow frames work in this Long Hive.


I would start with the Langstroth modification instructions off the Flow website, as I am assuming your long hive is a long Langstroth.

He can modify one end of the long Langstroth as if it was a normal 10 frame (or 8 frame) Langstroth box, you just have one side missing which shouldn’t affect the measurements if the Flow frames are tight up against one end.


If you go to the Flow Hive YouTube channel and search MODIFY all the relative movies pop up.

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thank you! I should have thought about that.

Here are the modification instructions for a Langstorth hive - https://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/modifying-a-langstroth-box-for-flow-frames/p/143#a1
You will see a pdf and also videos there with instructions :slight_smile: