Debris and tiny beetles on bottom of hive

I had a look today . Couldn’t see anything amiss . No beetles , no larvae . I looked online to see what larvae tracks looked like , nothing like that amongst the frames , all seems ok .
I’ll maybe open it again in two weeks in case I missed something .

I purchased diamacious earth today and sprinkled a frugal amount on the corflute. I did read conflicting reports re the effect it may have on bees , but I did also read NSW gov gave a careful go ahead to use in hives.

Big thanks again to everyone for such prompt help . :smile:

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I pulled out my corflute board this morning , to inspect debris & get a close look at what is happening . Not much of anything , BUT I did get a dead larvae out of the inside cavity . I didn’t expect anything to house themselves inside of this ! There you go, sneaky critters . Maybe I’ll tape it up .