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Delighting in my new bees


Just installed my first two bee packages on Saturday, and they seem to be settling in well. Both queens are released, and there is much coming and going from both hives. Thanks to the previous owner our yard is thick with roses and other flowers, and I’m greatly enjoying seeing bees on the roses, their pollen sacks already well-stuffed.

And when I drive around now, I find myself looking at the world through “bee eyes”, looking for plants and fields they might like. :slight_smile:



Congrats ! Yes … Your eyes to look to more details around you n your region. My bees should be here within next week or so. Been taking some serious onsite bee yard classes.

. . . Last photo we were learning Varroa mite testing with powdered suGar.

Keep enjoying those bees. First year is best n most to learn.



That person with yellow gloves certainly has a LOT of bees on their hat! Maybe the hat got dipped in honey… :smile:


G’day Mike, well done:), I can identify with driving around looking at the world through “bees eyes”.

Also since I discovered & learned about Fibonacci numbers in nature, I’m constantly counting petals on flowers & looking for examples of F. numbers in nature.



Amy has been in several classes with me now. She seems to be like a magnet ! :grinning:

Here she is again with bees in her bonnet ! Not sure why the do that. She must where something the favor ! :ok_hand:. . I took this pix before the other students arrived at the bee yard. The apiary/hive owner (man petting the goat) is my mentor. The other fellow is our instructor ( he’s a local community bee/insect teacher with a doctorate )… He’s very down to earth n personable. . Here Danny is helping Normal n I move several hives couple hours before class with Danny n Norm… I guess I’d call it a bonus part of the class.
. This afternoon we had guests (Vietnamese friends) come by to show us their 10 month old little boy. I saw him a few days after he was born. . These are the 4x4" by 4’ beams that will hold an additional hive or several Nuc’s … I try n succeed at staying rather busy.

Got to GO n put another coat of paint on the beams now.


Haha, I know what your saying, I am the same, I have just seeded the paddocks with more strawberry clover and I then scattered the seed all over my house gardens :shamrock::four_leaf_clover::honeybee:, lucky I’m on a farm and nobody expects to see perfect manicured gardens, my husband also will have to strip graze my new clover paddock so the bees will get the flowers first :honeybee::ox:.
My son laughs at himself because he never looked at flowers before now he does it everywhere he goes


I wonder if she spilled some Lemongrass Oil on there - sure looks like it!

You are a great guy Gerald, thanks for sharing your experiences.

Hugs to Vera,



Yes! I am seeing bee food everywhere!