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Different types of flow frames


We belong to a beekeepers group and one couple brought one their frames that has an angle built in to expedite the flow of the honey to the front. The ones we received are completely flat. Was this an improvement that we didn’t get in on even though we are “Founding Supporters”?


Our boxes were straight, the bottom board is slanted.


I’m sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean your Flow Frames, or your Super box or Flow Hive?
There isn’t a slant on the Flow Frames or the brood or super box, but a slant in the complete hive because of the bottom board.

If you didn’t buy the complete Flow Hive - you just tilt your hive when you are ready to harvest to assist with the honey flowing out faster.


2 1/2° or there about - Some have suggested using a small couple of wedges


No, we actually SAW these frames and on the inside of the plastic bottom was a built-in slant “tray”. . . we bought the full hive with 7 frames. Thanks for the other replies, sure - we get it, just slant the box when harvesting, these just seemed like an improvement on the INSIDE. Don’t know why they would be so different, we will check back with the person who brought it to the group and let you know what we find out.


This is news to me. Did they buy directly from www.honeyflow.com or through ebay?
I thought all the Flow Frames were the same.
I will have to ask Cedar about this.


We bought them before the company was ready, lol - on Go Fund Me. I think there was some confusion as to what my hubby saw at the bee group - pretty sure they are all the same. Thanks for trying to help us out, we’re all good now.


There are counterfeit Flow Hives on eBay, wonder if it was one of them?


there’s another rash of fake flowhive items on eBay, just reported a bunch


Yes, they are fake chinese counterfeit. You will notice that they even take the original Flow pictures for their listing. I too have reported a alrge listing from this ebay seller who by the way has no track record.


Oh dear :blush: At least you know what’s going on now :wink: