Suitability for native bees

Hi, I am in Sydney and very new to the whole area of bee keeping. I have bought a Flow hive. I am looking to do a bee keeper course and researching what bees to put into the hive. Does anyone know if you can house native Australian bees in the Flow Hive?

This has been asked a few times before, and the general consensus seems to be that they are too small and build a very different pattern of comb then honey bees so they will not work.

Ah, many thanks for the prompt input Makes my decision a lot easier, and sorry if I have repeated earlier questions.

Welcome Susan, there is another type of hive used for the Native Bees and has a chamber for honey production however it is not Flow related. have you looked into any local bee clubs in your area, we can help you with that.

Hi Serato

I am in the Blue Mtns and have myself a native bee hive. Just received my Flow Hive today and can confirm that the Flow Hive is not for Native bees - only European honey bees.

If you are interested in getting native bees, I believe that the best deal is from Council on the Northern Beaches - from the council direct, they have a promotional program. Can get the details if interested, around $400 for a hive with bees

Here is a photo of my native bee hive.


A native bee hive is much smaller.