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Hi Guys,

I am completely new to beekeeping, based in Dubai and looking for other beekeepers in the city of other emirates to share knowledge. I am aware of locals in the Al Ain area who keep bees, but would still like to connect with other expats with some experience on how to deal with the summer et al.


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Hi Allan,

I recently purchased a flow hive in Abu Dhabi

Could you tell about your experience?

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Hello guys,

I am from Abu Dhabi and completely new to beekeeping.
I am in local guy with Omani groups who share their experiances, but sometimes i feel asking silly questions makes them get sick! well some professional they have no time to teach starters all bit and small things (thats life unfortunately).
So let me start with my experiance, I bought five nuc with bees, and puchased Flow (7 frames), at first i thought once I put in the Flow frames the bees will jump to it!Nope!! that’s what didn’t happen with me at all… i was struggling with them, so i had to buy bee wax from souq.com and painted the frames with it, mmmm still no luck, so i had to ask someone here at honeyflow specialist, and they told me you need to have plenty of bees to get them use the Flow frames… I am yet in the process of getting my bees stronger, try to feed them 1/1 water sugar… even thu the season has started already now and will end June as the group were saying.
Can you tell me all what was your experiance please? difficulties you’ve faced? solutions?
You can reach me at our website www.farmstay.ae