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Dutch bee hive (Spaarkast)


Here some photographs of a Dutch honeybox (called ‘spaarkast’). First you can see the box on my bench. It has one minor error; the metal strip at the bottom of the box proved to be to narrow (it gives the bees room to escape from the box under the honeybox; I have to adjust that).
The box is in the field yet; you can see that it is put between the Dutch broodbox and the classical honeybox. This weekend we will check it.
Important is to notice that the FlowHive-frame is shortened. The Dutch box is 420 x 473 mm; the height is 255 mm and thereby shorter than a Longstroth-box.
Nice buzzing!

Dutch Flow Hive Beekeepers
Dutch Flow Hive Beekeepers

Very pretty hives. Good luck with your harvest :blush:


Nice woodworking skills! @Michiel


I have some kitchen cabinets I need built,looks like you can handle that too. Nice, handy work looks good.


Hi Michiel,

Belgian aspiring beekeeper here, very curious about your experiences so far!
I am starting with a course at the end of this year but for me it is still a guess which size of hive I will use.
I want to pull the trigger on the full flow hive but so far I can only seem to find 10 frame langstroth hives in the shops here.
So I might only get the 10 frame Flow Super but also this is expensive and the dimensions seem to be different to…

So very curious on your whole building proces (have you documented it for making an extra one?)


How are your Dutch hives going with the Flow Frames?

Any updates?


Dear KDCR and Faroe,

The pictures taken are pictures of my hives in the Netherlands.
I got 10 hives (all dark green) and my experience with the Flow Frames is good.
It is the first time I used them. I actually got honey from the flow frames this year.
For KDCR: if you want to know more and if this will help you in your “buying process”,
please let me know.
For Faroe: please let me know your questions.

Best regards,



Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

How much honey did you get? Any photos or videos?

Is it just the one Flow Super on top of your existing Spaarkast hive?

Super interested to hear how the Flow Frames are going in different climates, regions, and different hive types:) :bee:


Dear Faroe,

Thank you for your email.

For your information: I still have intensive contact with Cye Wood,
during last 6-8 months.
Cye is now with his family in Berlin (Germany). We have had and are
still having very
constructive meetings and fruitful discussions about the future of the
flow frames in Europe
and/or Asia. Cye and I get along well.

To answer your questions:
It was a test for me, with one hive and one Dutch adjusted broodchamber,
with adjusted flow
frames. I placed the flow frames between a nearly full unsealed
honeychamber (at the top) and
a normal broodchamber.In other words: I forced the bees through the flow
frames, if they want
to reach the unsealed honeychamber. This proofed out to work well.
Yes, I did get some honey, just a few pots.

The last 15 years I was CEO of a company that was specialised in
precious metals. I set up
companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China, HongKong and
Thailand and was doing
the sales business throughout Europe and Asia. In my spare time I am a
beekeeper- for nearly
38 years now. In December 2015 your product was brought to my attention.
I’m very enthusiastic
about it. Your product is revolutionary and I wish I had invented it
myself! I do see a lot of
possibilities for it in Europe and Asia. I understand from Cye that
Bettina Clark is in charge and
structuring the sales for Europe/Asia and the rest of the world. I do
have thoughts for the short,
middle and long term. May be, if you are willing and you have the
opportunity, you can bring me
to attention of Bettina. Please let me know, of course any form of
cooperation is negotiable.

Kind and best regards,

Arend-Willem Niehof

Faroe schreef op 2016-10-26 15:28:


Ah okay. I didn’t know you were working with Cye :slight_smile:

For all distributor requests, etc, they need to go through our formal process here - https://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/can-i-become-a-flow-distributor/p/187#a2
Because they are all being processed with Bettina with the information that is contained in the forms that are filled-in online.

Once you fill in the application, you are welcome to email us back to follow-up, and mention your contact with Cye, etc - but you can put all this information in your application so that Bettina can read it first hand.

Good to hear your Flow Hive is going well :slight_smile:


Hi Arend-Willem,

I am just curious about the way you have built this super to fit on your spaarkast. I have not yet decided on which format I will go for.
Course is starting in spring and will decide after that.



Beste Arend-Willem,

Ik ben zeer geïnteresseerd in de flow hive spaarkast want de foto’s zijn er ontzettend goed uit!

Ik zou heel graag een flow hive super om mijn spaarkast willen plaatsen.

Heeft u misschien een stappenplan of uitbreide informatie hoe zo’n kast gemaakt kan worden?

Kan ik dat ook laten doen?

Met vriendelijke groet,