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Who are the MODS in this Forum?


I recently, actually was just now warned for not following Forum rules is there a list of MODS for the site?

I hope this is posted in the right place? I don’t know?

Do I need to do a search every time I ask a question?



Hi Mally,

You can identify mods by a single shield next to their name. Admins have two Shields.

You do not need to do a search for anything before you post, except in your own mind. We all need to do that. Make sure your comment is helpful and positive. If you disagree with something do so respectfully and kindly. It is easy for an edgy, casual voice to ‘sound’ harsh and strident.

There a number of simple things to do. Don’t post in all caps. Don’t say something to someone you would not want said to yourself. No matter how much you think they need to hear it. The golden rules goes an amazingly long way in forums such as these. If you are feeling anoyed or irritated then it’s a good idea to pause when you get ready to post and either leave it, unposted, and walk away from it for a bit, so you can see if later on you really feel you ‘need’ to say that thing. Or delete it.

Sometimes when I am annoyed by something and I respond, I get done typing and then delete it. Just writing it all out makes me feel better ; -)

Wait and see what other say. Maybe you have miss read something and others will better ‘get’ what the OP was meaning or searching for.

If it doesn’t contribute anything positive then don’t bother. It’s just bees and honey, nothing that merits high emotions.

Finally, try a spoonfull of honey. That should sweeten the sharpest tongue!


Well I’m the work boot type and where the sun don’t shine is my target …lol Kidding

I was PM’ed by a regular user and called lazy and rude for asking questions and and and being pestered about posting in the wrong area? Really?

Well if asking questions is questioned at least tell me where it should be posted and to top it off I was told that I would be asked to leave by somebody who I really think is a MOD wanna BEE. Humor here

I will keep my questions to myself the problem is I could have answers that others might find useful thanks for the warm welcome and the welcome to the forum!

I still have no clue where the Flow people get their cedar wood from and where that post should belong.

Another funny it’s best to use the honey for the bees not for the pests it can promote robbing from hives. :smiley:


Hi @Mally, I am the main person here directly representing Flow, there are a few others who work on the support team who occasionally come on the forum (HoneyFlowTeam, next to their names). As Sara said people with the shield next to their names are our moderators, we have picked them because they have been keen and generally offer a friendly voice of reason, and we feel happy having them represent us. If you have an issue with anyone including our moderators please let me know as I’m sure everyone is hoping this community can keep growing being a positive and helpful place for all beekeepers.


Thanks Jake (with the shield)

Who might be the Admins with two shields? Does anyone know?

Thanks again.


I read your question about the Cedar. Made perfect sense to me. In fact I’d kind of like to know myself as I’ve worked wood for years and know the hassles for buying certain types of wood, especially exotics. Anyrate I’m an old redneck and don’t let too much bother me for too long, although I’m not afraid to tell someone what they can do to themselves either and don’t worry if they do get offended, maybe they deserve it. I have been known to be frank and brash and will comment attitude for attitude if warranted. The big problem with forums in general regardless of whose forum it is that too many people are WAYYYY too sensitive and most of those that cop attitudes are of the PC mind to begin with. I’ll probably catch it for responding but hey that’s the way the ball bounces.


I suppose the HoneyFlowTeam ones are the two shield mods :slight_smile: . PM me the details of the moderator in question and what they said, I want to make sure they are representing us well.
I know what it can be like, sometimes we’ve had a bad day and we can be a little blunt or misread something and retaliate, I’m sure even the moderators can be guilty of that at times too.


It’s not a problem at all @Jake

It actually might make for a new section of “building your own Hives” and what designs do you plan on using… I want to laminate my WRC and use “Butterfly Joints” (Bow Tie) to show off some of the woodworking effort used in sheltering the bees.

Flow used one of my favorite building materials I will showcase that in my design… Ohh and with Dove Tail joints on the corners for the boxes.


I moved your question on red cedar here: Red Cedar Flow boxes?

To answer the question in the OP. Definitely worth doing a search or two before posting a question, the number of discussions are expanding and there is a good chance someone has already asked the question. Of course feel free to start a new discussion if you can’t find what you are looking for.


I did want it posted in a highly visible area and not placed into an area where it would not be noticed by anyone so IMO if you need a quick response and get answers it should be posted where everyone should have the chance of viewing it. I guess it’s me being bad and new but then again maybe it’s better off to post where you don’t get the attention I received? We shall see if we have others besides Tony who might want to get some of that Cedar and make a signature home for the bees. Australia doesn’t have that stuff and as far as I know they don’t fly in lifts of lumber with planes it comes in on Container Ships and those ships have swarm hives that could carry mites, that could cause bigger problems.

Thanks again Jake!


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Ok I will try do better the next time, don’t forget it’s been like a week for me now so most of this stuff is new. I really wasn’t being bad or doing anything wrong I just clicked on posting a new topic and then asked a question. I will see how well the relocated post/thread does in it’s new section now that it has been re-placed or moved.

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Yes you need to do a search every time you want to find an answer.

The instructions for using the forum are here - Welcome to the Flow forum - please take a moment to read these instructions before you start 🐝 - please read them. If you have any questions please message me directly so I can help clarify for you.

The search function is on the top right of the page - use key words - there is a lot of information on this forum - and we want to keep it organised and easy for everyone to use.

We ask that questions and responses are clear and concise. Don’t go into personal criticism over other peoples opinions - just answer a question from you own experience and leave it at that.

Don’t use CAPITALS and explanation! points - we can’t hear the tone in someone’s voice or see the person’s body language - so we can’t see if they are joking.

If anyone does not follow the guidelines for posting in this forum - they will be warned/deleted/removed from this forum - simple.

I do not have time to read through these petty posts and arguments between users.

This Forum is for everyone to learn about bee keeping and Flow Frames, let’s all keep this in mind.

Keep it nice - simple.

If you need further clarification or have any questions just send me a message, no problem :slight_smile:


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