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The Bentley Hive with Flow Frames


Hi I’m in Yorkshire 14 years beekeeper but 2018 will be my first with flow frames, looking forward to it. Follow my progress if you want Facebook @BentleyGold :slightly_smiling_face::honeybee:

UK Flow keepers

Hello, Yes have come across your post on FaceBook, Your project is amazing, can’t wait to see you publish your results.

What is the capacity of hives the Bentley house can have.

Look forward in seeing your outcome this year.


Thanks Paras I’m looking forward to sharing it with you. :slightly_smiling_face::honeybee:


What type of hive is that?
Your link shows me your name, but not your facebook page.

Just wondering what size hive, etc. We have a lot of people enquiring about using Flow Frames in different sized hives around the world.


Hi @Faroe

It is a design I have been working on for a few months “The Bentley Hive” the principal aim is to allow flow frame users the ability to inspect the brood frames without the need to keep lifting the flow super off the hive…less strain for the beekeeper less stress on the Bees. :smiley::honeybee: You can follow my progress on Facebook if you wish @bentleyhoney. Thanks for your interest.


Hi Paras, I fed some pollen mixed in to syrup in October UK and will start to feed pollen again when the day temperatures are regularly above 10c and the Queens are laying eggs again probably in Patti form. @Paras


I have had a look at your plans too…Interesting. I gather you are planning to heat and ventilate your hives with fans? Or have I got it all wrong?
Are you going for an OSR crop?


That is interesting :slight_smile: I remember someone asking on the forum about how to build a Slovenian style beehive with the Flow frames. Looks like what you are trying to do. I really like this idea.
Do you have any videos of you doing the brood box inspections? I am interested to see how you pull out the brood frames to have a look.

p.s. would it be okay if I split your posts into a new topic? Building and modification? Or would you like to create a new topic in there so we can track your process more easily with the Bentley hive and Flow Frames?


Feel free to split my post as you wish Faroe :+1:

I will be posting some video over the coming season. But before I post any details of the Bentley brood frame I would like to discuss the idea with Stu Anderson as I think he may be very interested in developing the brood frame as an exciting addition to the Flow products. However I have no idea how to contact him! :honeybee::grinning::honeybee:


To get in contact with Stu or anyone in Flow you have to go through our main email address info@honeyflow.com or our contact page:

Just send an email with any details, photos etc, and say you would like to discuss it with Stu.


This just came up in my pintrest:



Thanks Faroe I will do this :+1::honeybee::+1:


Hi Dee yes the hive has built in assisted Ventilation (solar powered). I will need to see how the season progresses before trying it out though. OSR I need a lot of brood frames drawing out so this season I will use the OSR crop for this. :honeybee::slightly_smiling_face: