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Eva's first Flow harvest 😍 Pennsylvania, USA


Hi folks! As mentioned I enjoyed my first harvest last week, with everything working beautifully. I benefited immensely from many of your posts along the way, so I felt confident and my guests were blown away. The whole experience was simply amazing

Not pictured are 3 more quart jars and at least a dozen 8 oz jars that I gave away - oh, and the two 8 oz jars we’ve almost eaten up already!



Oh @Eva, I am so happy for you, and so proud of you too. :blush:

Great photos, thank you for sharing the joy.

Dawn :heart_eyes: :hugs:


Yep, well done Eva, your persistence has paid off, there’s no honey sweeter than your own.
I hope you have given some to Cowgirl. :slight_smile:


You go girl!! Congratulations


So true skegs! Thanks :slight_smile:

We miss Cowgirl don’t we? I do hear from her from time to time so when we chat next I will be sure to send greetings​:cherry_blossom::honeybee:


@Eva, fantastic to see :slight_smile: Enjoy every drop…and the impatience that comes with waiting for another season :slight_smile:


You have done a great job and nice looking honey. You are all set now to power on waiting for your next season with more confidence…


Many thanks to all of you and to the Flow community ~ and high fives to Cedar & Stuart :raised_hands:

And just so you know, I do have a little local help:


Or is that a little local helper? :smile: :rofl:


Exactly - knew you’d deliver on that @Dawn_SD :joy::wink:

That’s Jack, my nephew :heart_eyes: He took a keen interest in my Flow super when he was visiting this past winter. I gave him my gloves, Flow hat with veil & my hive tool to try out. The veil almost covered his whole body :smile: He is 5 and on the small side. He asked so many questions about bees and how they live, we knew we had to make sure he could participate in the harvest in spite of other allergies he has/worries he might react badly to a sting. Hence the full suit.


Good that you have Jack starting young Eva, Keep the interest in nature going and odds are he will follow his Aunties interest in bee keeping.