Michigan-First Harvest

Today was our first harvest!! We purchased our bees in a 5 frame nuclear on May 1st. Added a second brood box on May 16th. Put the flow hive super on June 5th. These girls are working hard. Added a standard medium super on July 7th, we don’t want to feed our bees if we can help it, so this super is for them to winter with. Our harvest today was 35 lbs. of honey, approximately 4 1/2 gallons. We were elated!! Bees are great, it’s been a great experience so far. Everything is great, great, great​:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: Thank you flow hive.


Hi Michelle,
What do you think the main nectar source has been? Sounds like a quick build up.

I suspect the main nectar source is clover, but the hive is in the middle
of my garden also. It was crazy fast!

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Agreed, we had a great start with the bees. We had to pick them up 2 weeks
earlier than planned because they just “exploded”, according to our

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Wow that is fast, lucky you :slight_smile:
Do you have any photos?

We were lucky enough to have a friend who is a hobbyist photographer there. He posted the pictures to this link http://jmlifepix.zenfolio.com/zigbee1st
Password is buzz
We just inspected the hive today and will be harvesting again next week. I can’t believe how fast they are building up. We placed a medium super on for winter stores for them on July1st, upon inspection today that is full of capped honey too.