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Fake Flow Hive in Buderim, Qld. Australia


I spotted my first fake flow hive today. Some people got me to remove bees out of their wall cavity to put into their flow hive. The bloke told me straight away, as soon as I looked at it that it was a fake. I didn’t look at the frames, however I had a look at the QX… Instead of metal or plastic, the wire parts are made from cane/bamboo. That was intriguing.

The bottom box looks pretty rough. The standard frames are very loose & only just sit on the ledge of the brood box. I could see how the owner went to a lot trouble getting the boxes to go together.

Our main focus was getting the bees out of the wall. I didn’t have time to look at the frames.

The bloke said “a flow hive cost about $2,000.00” … I replied, “about a thousand”…


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