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Flow Hive Viewing Window- Is it Interchangable?


Hi, I have a bit of a strange question. Basically I have order a flow Hive and have it arriving shortly (…am very excited)

Now I noticed in all the pictures that the side viewing window is fixed on one side (The left side) However would much rather place the viewing window on the opposite side of my Flow hive.

Does anyone know if you can swap these pieces when building the unit, or is it only able to go on this side? If that is the case has anyone modified their hive to put the window on the other side?

Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


@Adam Adam you could BUT! There is a small rebate on the Flow end of the box, you would have to make the same amount of rebate for the reinforcing metal bar to support the Flow end of the box.

Where the semi circular piece comes out to view area at the back of the box and the outlet plugs are visible, that is where the bar goes across and supports the base of the box to give it strength.

You will see when you Dry assemble the box and then make the corresponding rebate on the other end of the opposite side piece.

I think it should work fine but dry assemble the box first. You may have to put a small corresponding sliver wood or wood filler where the original rebate was. @beethinking Matt this should work?


Valli…hark at you and your DIY skills. Lol


Because I do sewing, Knitting, crochet and dress making, I’m used to assembling things - I just see the logic in things :wink:


I would think you could just flip the top box around so you could have the window on the side you want. Unless of course the configuration are such that it would make it impossible, then it would make me glad I didn’t get anything but the frames. All my Lang boxes can go either way.


Theoretically Yes @tony but for the rebate which is there for a purpose - without the reinforcing bar which is about 2mm thick metal bar, the Flow end of the box would have no structural integrity - if you did a vertical flip the handles will be on up-side-down - so pretty useless and you would still have to make a new rebate for the bar swapping the sides over means the rebates are on the incorrect end and will make the box sit wonky at the front of the Hive; so new rebates need making and the original rebates need to be addressed - ie patched so to speak - a bit of wood filler or a sliver of wood glued on will do the trick


Why would you flip it upside down? I meant just turn it around, keep the topside up, but put view window on other side.


You can’t because of the rebates other wise if you turn the box around the Flow mechanism will be at the front defeating the original purpose.

Also the full Flow hive has a slight backwards tilt so the Flow end is at optimum angle


So accordingto what you are saying about assembly of the box Flow makes, there is a metal strip you are calling a rebate? Yes?. So when I convert my Lang boxes am I going to need to gouge out a bit of wood to add a metal strip for support?


No there is a metal strip and it slots into a small rebate made into the Flow end of the box - that metal strip is needed to give strength to the box as the Flow end of the box is pretty much “floating”


Yes - I was trying to explain it but I think you now understand


I don’t know if it is obvious but under the Flow Frames a small amount of metal is visible http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-hive/p/133

also if you look through the images the back of the box Flow end there are 2 pieces that are removed to use the key and to unplug the frames which only leaves a small area at the top of that panel where it is joined to the long sides of the box - the strength is in the metal bar giving that end of the box structural integrity


I wont be using all 7 frames in one box but plan on dividing between two boxes with regular frames in between to fill the space up. What kind of metal will it take to make this rebate?


The metal strip goes across the entire back width of the box. It effectively is screwed into the side panels at the base.

If you are making your own boxes I would shave 2 - 3 mm off the entire width of the back edge and attach it to the side pieces where the “dove tails” are .

If you are only doing a couple of frames you only need cut a corresponding arch from the back of the box to align with the number of frames needing to be exposed. and corresponding opening for the key access area as well.

If you use the template for converting Langs to Flow I think the template is for 8 or 10 frames (ie 6 or 7 Flow Frames).

Don’t forget the Flow frames are wider than traditional frames


Thanks so much for your fast reply. I will try what you mentioned above. Thank you!


Do a dry assemble first and you will have a better idea of what you are addressing Adam


thank for the answers Valli.


That should work, however, you’ll also need to pre-drill a few pilot holes on the lower fingers of the box sides if you reverse them. The ends of the box sides on the Flow end of the box only have a couple pilot holes drilled. If you switch them to the other side you’ll need to drill three more to make use of all the provided screws.


Hi Adam,

I had the exact same problem you mentioned. As Valli and beethinking mention, there are a couple of minor tweeks with the rebate for the metal strip and the pilot holes. It took me about 2 minutes to make the changes and I have minimal woodworking skills, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult.

After I made my changes I provided feedback to the Flowhive team suggesting that they have the rebate for the metal strip applied to both ends for others who had the same situation as me. I am not sure if they have implemented the suggestion but they did reply to my feedback to advise that it was something that they were discussing.




Excellent, thanks so much for the info! Really appreciate it Simon!