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Feb 18 & 19, 2019 - University of South Pacific Entrepreneurial Fair, Suva, Fiji


USP Entrepreneurial Fair from the 19 - 23 February, 2018

The University of The South Pacific Laucala Bay Campus, Suva, Fiji


Stuart Anderson, co-inventor of the Flow Hive will be a key speaker at this years USP Entrepreneurial Fair.
Stu will be presenting a Flow Hive to the Fiji Beekeepers Association. Come down and see a Flow Hive in person, and have a chat with Stu about beekeeping with a Flow Hive :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Stu giving a hands on demonstration about how a Flow Frame works.

The week long program will include various seminars and workshops on starting and sustaining your own business and will offer opportunities to meet with successful entrepreneurs (international and local) who will be sharing their experiences during the weeklong event.

In one inspiring week, USP’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Fair will bring together an amazing group of influencers and successful entrepreneurs (both local and overseas) as well as NGOs and government stakeholders to share their unconventional and in some cases their unexpected insights into what it takes to launch, sustain and grow a small business.


The primary purpose of the 2019 Entrepreneurial Fair is to provide an opportunity for USP students, alumni and the Fiji Public to learn basic skills to start their own businesses, to improve their livelihoods and add value to the Fiji economy. In addition, the USP Entrepreneurial Fair and associated workshops will be open to the public to assist community members develop their knowledge and skill sets in regards to Entrepreneurship.

Stuart Anderon, Co-inventor of the Flow Hive


Ha, no way! As per my most recent post… my Dad is keen to learn more and coincidentally is the Pro-Chancellor of USP. I’ll let him know.


Wow, how coincidental :slight_smile:

We already have some nice photos coming through from the event. Stuart completed his keynote presentation yesterday and is prepping for his workshop this evening. I wonder if your Dad is in one of these photos or has already met him.




He missed both events. Budget meetings. He mentioned that he doesn’t see Stuart on any more of the agenda after tonight.


What a shame :frowning: As far as I know a Flow Hive was donated to the fiji Beekeepers Association - so he could contact them to view a Flow Hive and get some more info :slight_smile::honeybee: