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May 1, 2017 - Epping Forest Beekeepers' Association Meeting , EFBKA Apiary, London, England


May 1:
Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association Meeting
EFBKA Apiary, London, England
Starting at 11am.
Stuart will be joining the Beekeepers meeting for a presentation and meet and greet at 11am. Come along!
More Info : http://eppingforestbeekeepers.co.uk/calendar/


Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association (EFBKA) meeting
EFBKA Apiary, Wainstead E11, London, England
RSVP to secretary@eppingforestbeekeepers.co.uk for meeting location

Flow Hive co-inventor Stuart Anderson will be joining the Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association meeting on 1 May, and he is looking forward to meeting you all.

Stu will be on hand to give a presentation at 11am, which includes a personal account of the story of the Flow Frames—a honey harvesting invention 10 years in the making, underpinned by a love of bees. Come along to meet Stu in person and join in on the Question & Answer session after the presentation to have your Flow Hive questions answered.

There will be a Flow Super UK National size (pictured below) on display for all those interested in taking a closer look at the Flow frame technology.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please rsvp to secretary@eppingforestbeekeepers.co.uk in order to get the full address.

To find out more about the Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association, visit their website.

If you can’t make it to the Epping Forest Beekeepers’ Association meeting, you may be able to join one of the other events Stu will be attending in the UK and Europe.


I shall be there would love to hear who else will be coming


85 People coming to talk on Monday can’t wait to meet other FlowHive Beekeepers in the area.


Awesome :slight_smile:


Hi Faroe,

Could you please provide the 15% Discount Code that Stuart was mentioned yesterday, he did not have it on him yesterday and there are few people asking for it.


I do not have it sorry.
The people who attended/subscribed to our newsletter will be emailed the code once it is available.


I do not think there was a list where people gave their contact details.

There was someone who ticked people attending.


Normally in regards to a Flow promotion discount - an email will be sent before the event letting subscribers in the area know about the event.
Then after the event and if there is a discount code - the subscribed people will be emailed.

At this stage I have not received any information about a discount code - it is probably not ready yet.
At the moment we just launched a store wide 10% discount on all products, so that is probably why the other code has not been launched, and 2 discounts cannot be applied simultaneously.

Rest assured, if you are a subscriber, we will let you know as soon as the discount becomes available.
In them meantime, 10% off here :wink: https://eu.honeyflow.com/collections/all-products



This was posted by Paras in the UK Flow beekeepers section :slight_smile: