FH2 and feeders Which one do you have


Checking to see what others have used so far as external feeders

I like boardman feeders just looking to see which one may work best.

Just ordered 12 FH2 and needing to get 12 feeders. Just wanting to get a. good fit can people post what they’ve got please

Also looking to understand the exact dimensions of the entrance, thinking about making one myself. I’ve seen a few online I like and since I’m doing 12+ of them, it would probably be easy and cheap.

No external feeder will eliminate the very real risk of making bees become robbers of adjacent hives with lots of fighting and the death of a large number of bees. The only feeder I recommend is the type that you take a frame out of the super and fit a frame sized feeder in. With robbing happening there will not be the amount of foraging happening so the loss of honey being produced, in fact more honey could be consumed for energy to fight than is being collected.

Marty, I would measure the entrance of one of the two hives you have and work from those measurements.

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Flow team Please post the Dimensions for me.


What are the dimensions after taking the bottom screen into account?