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Fischer's Bee-quick


I understand that there is a product made in America by the Fischer company that you spray on to a matted board and place on top of the super to drive the bees down into the box below the super so that when you take out the frames out there are no bees (or very few) still attached to them. Does anyone know if that product is available in Australia?


Not a direct answer, I am afraid, but I wouldn’t use it even if it was available. Bee escapes are my preferred method for clearing a honey super. :wink:


Thanks for your comment Dawn but I would still like to experiment with the product.as it seems to work ok in the videos I have seen and it is made from natural ingredients. I will comment further when (and if) I am able to get some sent to me from either UK or USA


The bees absolutely HATE it. Experiment away but it’s mean.
Youtube is a mine of misinformation and some people have a cavalier approach to their bees.


…and I would be afraid that it would have effects on the honey, since I learned it takes up scents and flavours quite quickly.


Fischer bee quick smells like almond extact (benzaldehyde). It is not at all offensive in smell. The other products (other than knock-offs of Fischer bee quick) are butyric acid, which smells like essential oil of vomit… I don’t know if it’s available there. Supply here has been spotty in recent years which is probably why a lot of knock-offs have appeared on the market. It’s a very popular product. I don’t use any of the bee repellents, myself. But of all of them this one is actually pleasant smelling.