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My (non-Flow) Harvest Video


Made a video of Bobbee MacBee’s first honey harvest of 2017.


G’day Bobby, well done, what did you spray in the lid? Was that something to drive the bees down? They used to use carbolic acid in the old days.

Your method of extracting looked fairly quick & straight forward with minimal heavy lifting. I would have been a little bit slower with my 2 frame manual extractor.


Hi Jeff - I was using a product called Bee Quick on the fume boards. To me, it had a pleasant smell - like almonds.

I was with a friend this past weekend and he was using a product called Bee Go on his fume boards. It stank like vomit but it worked as well.

The extractor we used is a manual 9-frame radial.


G’day Bobby, that’s fantastic. I like your 9 frame manual radial extractor. When I saw it in the video, I assumed it was electric. It must be geared well for ease of turning. Love it.


We put the spry, young arms of my friend’s son to use. He did a lot of the cranking :slight_smile: