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Flashing problem?


So, I read here about these machining problems on the flow frames that looks like melted plastic sticking up off the frames where they bees would draw out their wax. Decided to take a look at mine (still in box) and discovered it all over my seven frames. Took photos and sent them to faults@flow and they said, yes, it is ‘flashing’ and replaced the frames.

And, replace them they did. With six more frames with plenty of ‘flashing’ on them. I received only one frame that has no extra bits of plastic hanging off them and my question is this: Do your (everyone else) frames have flashing on them, or are they cleanly cut/machined and finished as you would expect them to be?

I am going to try cutting or grinding the extra plastic bits off, but am guessing that I might mess them up further. Alternatively, do I just leave them alone and will the bees cope?

Here are some photos for reference:


Mine had them too. I put on a magnifying visor and used an X-acto craft knife to trim them off. Took me about 3 hours… :worried: They came off fairly easily, and the frames look fine now, but it was tricky and time-consuming.



You are true patient ! I will order mine this next Fall or Winter. Hope that little issue goes away … :smiley:. My crappy eyes would not deal with the close work like that for 3 hours. :+1:.

Most of the time I struggle seeing those teeny bee eyes ! I just love when I can but am so happy to see the tiny tiny baby larva.

I have my 5th inspection today. So got the cameras ready, extra super for my five frame Nuc, syrup done n ready, now just need the day to change from :umbrella:️ To :sunny:️ ! Or even just :partly_sunny:️ Or :cloud:️… Tomorrow too much on my plate for :honeybee:’s I think.


Got to get another cup of Joe ready ! N get my Wx station data posted

. my bee logs are all ready for new entries too.

Cherrio everyone !


good idea, @Dawn_SD! you are truly patient - 3 hours!
hopefully the edges of the plastic isnt too sharp to hurt the bees or damage their wings!


I had some extra plastic sticking up too on a frame and clipped it off with some side cutters but the other part I had a problem with, on three of my low frames, was that one of the “sliding” parts of the frame had a slight curve to it and it didn’t seat very well. If you look at your last picture on the bottom right of your frame you have the same kind of offset that my frame has. (it’s the furthest cog to the right, the one without the white dot). I took piece out, gently bent it and put it back. It kind of worked. I marked it with a permanent marker so I can pick it out better in the future. Not sure what else to do at this point, everything else seems fine.


Hi @K26kv,

Yes, I see what you mean. I’ll have a look at the frame, but it will probably take me a while to find it again…

Thanks for the feedback.

Cheers, Paul


Hi Dawn,

How much did you have? It is on both sides of all of my frames, perhaps covering a third of each side… might take me even longer than you and I’m not sure that I am that patient!



I would say about 1/6 of the cells on each side of the 6 Flow frames I received. Every frame was affected. It trimmed down quite nicely, but it just took a long time and a few ibuprofen for my aching back by time I had finished! :flushed:



Any suggestions? Should I be contacting faults again? Should the frames be arriving to customers completely clear of this flashing?

Cheers, Paul


The Flow Frames should arrive in perfect condition. If there is any problems it is best to follow-up directly through the email you sent - that way it is trackable and someone in customer service can follow-up for you with all the information.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please email them now to find out what is going on.