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Whooops - melted flow frame!

So while applying wax to the new flow frame, I inadvertently rested the hot wax dish against the frame and melted it a little :roll_eyes:. I’m pretty sure bees can escape as a result, as well as blocking a couple of cells. Any ideas on how to fix?
Thanks in advance!

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You can probably glue a strip of wood or plastic to the front there to minimize or close the gap between that frame and the next.

Not sure if @Freebee2 can arrange to get you a replacement back end piece alone… Worth asking info@honeyflow.com if she doesn’t respond here.



You might be able to remove it, soften it up and mold it back, but good chance you’ll make it worse… wouldn’t worry about the few blocked cells as long as the opening and closing work ok.

Thanks Alok! I’ve been tempted to soften it up and rework it but think the risk of making it worse is too high. I’ll see if the flow bunch have any ideas (@Bianca), but blocking the gap might be the ticket.

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Nice job! :smile:

The best method I’d suggest is replacing the end panel. You’ll just need to spend some time reassembling the frame. Lucky it’s new though (looks like it) so should be straightforward. Please email the team at info@honeyflow.com so we can help you with the replacement panel.



Thanks Bianca! Will do