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Florida Beeks say hello


Im located in Davie FL happy to be a part of this forum and also patiently awaiting the delivery of my frames. if anyone is near me post here.!!


We are in Davie FL too. Just wanted to say hi.

Did you receive your frames yet? Are you an experienced bee keeper?

We are waiting for our frames still as they were lost by Fedex in December.

Do you have any local resources to help us as we are new to bee keeping. We have a permaculture set up at our house and thought this would be a great addition.

Kind regards,



I’m from Miami, FL . I’m very new to beekeeping and I’ve received my hive box, but not my frames. I plan on taking a few beekeeping courses in the meantime while I wait.


Hi UMBeans,
Glad to hear you received your boxes, did you receive your second box with super frames?

Did you decide on what type of brood box frame to do?

Our package got lost in December and just received the 1st box and not the second one.

We are very excited and can’t wait to get started.


Hi FlyingBill,

Sorry this reply took so long, I had midterms and other school work.

I have not received my second box with the frames. I did email them and they said I should receive a shipment this month, in March.

Well, I think I’m going to buy a second hive from my local beekeeper supply store to work with frames with foundation. I kind of want to get more experience with brood with foundation frames before I start working with foundation less frames.

I also need to buy another brood box, because I know I’m not going to be comfortable with just one brood box. I like the setup that I saw at the store which was 2 brood boxes and 1 super. I don’t want my hive to swarm just yet or to have to split my hive so soon.