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Hello, new beekeeper here - South Florida


Hello I’m a new beekeeper in south Florida, hope to learn alot from everyone here.


Welcome you will find lots of experience here.

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Hi @Funguy1030 and welcome! How’s the weather down there in FL? I’m up in PA where spring is a bit slower to spring than where you are :smile:

Is your colony from a package or a nucleus (nuc)? And when did you set it up? Just curious how far along your adventure is, and I hope it goes well! Fingers and toes are crossed here that my last remaining colony out of four makes it -

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Well at the moment the weather is raining n breezy, as fa as my bees go I captured a little swarm as I have about 6 other much larger beekeepers around me, the bees seem to be doing well, my neighbor has two swarms one we got out of an old owl box and another one that just moved in to said owl box so tis the season for catching swarms.They are quite docile which is a good thing ,but stings are inevitable even w suits on lol them lil critters can find a way in every tim lol.

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Thanks I’m gonna need all that I can get :grin:


Welcome Funguy! The forum is a great source of support and knowldege :smiley:


The bees know what they are doing :wink:

The key is to know what the bees are doing :upside_down_face:

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Yes,and I have grown accustomed Amy morning coffee w my bees so I can do just that. Lol they are fascinating!

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Welcome abroad ! Ask away ! I’m up in Washington state so a bit of miles but basics are basic !




I do have a question about catching wild swarms. How do I keep them from swarming after I get them in a nuk?


If the hive is suitable for the colony size collected they should stay.
If it is too small of a space, they may move on.
If you stick a frame of fresh brood from another hive into the box, they will probably stay, subject to size above.
If they don’t like you they will leave.
How do you get them to like you?
Don’t disturb them !!!.

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Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind


Adding a frame of brood if you have one is good insurance too.

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Don … Terence hit the swarm keeping issue on the head. If you dump your new swarm/colony of bees in an adiquate sized hive 5,8,or 10 frame box with frames they tend to be happy campers n stay.

As a longer beekeeper I have a few extra drawn frames to add … Sometimes Ives added a cotton ball with lemon grass oil added in a sandwich baggie I poke holes in to allow the fragrance to mingrate out too. I actually do that in my several bait hives I keep near or around my Apiary .

… Hope these pix’s n notes are helpful Bro. Happy swarm hunting n good luck … We tend to not get many swarms in my region S.E. of Seattle anymore. Back in the 1950’s n 1960’s I could count on a couple or more per year. That’s surely changed with population growth n varroa nite spread.


moving a small Nuc of bees to my brothers house n fruit trees.



I live up in the northern hemisphere near Seattle so I don’t have a clue. Sure is pretty n I’m guessing so but not actual knowledge. Someone on here should answer up soon for you. Welcome up bro !!