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Flow frame section misaligned


will this section of frame interfere with there filling frame out. This is other area of frame that is going well, second pic.


It very well might cause a leak. If it was mine, I would put the Flow key into the upper slot of the frame and turn it a few times. Put it into the left of the slot and turn, then the middle and turn, then the right and turn. That should realign everything. As long as you don’t put it into the bottom slot, it won’t disturb what they have done with the correctly aligned cells.


That fixed it. Thanks Dawn.


Hello there: after you did this- have you looked in the trough at the bottom of the frame? Is there honey in there now?

It seems your frames haven’t been on for long and the bees haven’t done much- I am not sure if this tweak would be a good idea once the bees have really started working the comb? It does look in your photos as if there was more nectar in the frames in the before photo than the after?

We had columns like this- and the bees did leave some of them uncapped - leading to some leaks at harvest. I didn’t think you could ‘re-set’ the cells after the bees had really started working the frames?


You can do anything, if you really want to! :smile: Seriously though, I agree there is a risk of cracking the wax, but you probably won’t crack wax on the correctly aligned cells, because they shouldn’t shift if you only put the Flow key in the upper slot. The main risk was cracking wax and nectar leaking from the misaligned cells, which were a minor fraction of the frame. So to my mind, the risk/benefit balance was well in favor of using the key. :wink:


I’d be interested to see how much honey is in the trough though- it looks like there is some in the first photo- and it is all gone in the next one?

On our frames the bees managed to make lo[sided cells from some of the misaligned rows. After these were capped if you ‘tweaked’ them into alignment you would get quite a bit of honey flowing out i think… At this early stage it seems manageable.


I will check this afternoon on any honey leakage, hoping it didn’t disturb any finished cells.


The two photos are of different areas of the same frame. But I will check on any leakage.


Thanks for the good advice dawn. I am making this into a FAQ for our website now :slight_smile:


There has been no honey released so its all good.


Great fix @Dawn_SD @cup500 and thanks @Faroe for making a FAQ for it. Perhaps you can add this video also. We recommend that all frames are reset, just in case, one or two cell lines move in transit. Here is Cedar showing how to do it. With Jarli when he was very little :smiley:


That’s cool that Dawn and I are a part of making this a success!