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Cells not aligned in part of the frame

I have just done an inspection of my super to find that one of the frames cells is partly unaligned.
The section that is aligned is mostly capped, see image. The other has no honey in it.There is a definite line where it is unaligned.
Has any one experienced this issue and what did you do to rectify it?
I was thinking I should harvest what is in the frame and then pull the frame out to check it over and make some adjustments where needed.
I look forward to some input.


I reckon that might be your best bet. If there is a problem with the mechanism, I’m sure Flow will help. Is it at the harvest end or the entrance end?

I would harvest the honey, then open & close the mechanism a few times outside of the hive to see if every moving part is moving.

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Hmmmm :thinking: ! Just curious … Did you operate the frames couple times before using ? It could be a mechanical issue ( it happen and guessing Flow has checks or trade policy. But by chance your long metal L-bar key not go all the way back n only 2/3rds get operated …

As you mentioned … harvest what you have in that one (that frame). Then I’d pull it again n use the key … try to operate the frame. If the key then does operate “all” the frame … then I’d address the issue with good pix’s like you have here @Faroe… ohhh… I’m guessing this is the only Flow-frame with this mechanical issue??

Just my 2 cents n an observation … let us know what you do … we can all learn !

Cheers n good luck :wink:,


After I harvested a frame, I inserted the key down the middle, then to each side of the slot, this made sure that every frame reset properly.


Hi I would just put the key in the top slot and reset those cells. Won’t make any difference whether you harvest now or later as all the vertical cells asre mostly capped. Move the key a few times to make sure. I always test after a harvest by putting the key all the way in the top slot and ensuring goes in without catching. If it does some cells are not reset. Don’t you just love to see freshly capped frames😀
Good luck

Hi Nigel,

It’s a bit hard to tell what the issue is without some close-up photos. I can’t quite see which part of the Flow Frame you are referring to?
All the uncaped sections, or just one line vertically?

As the others have mentioned you need to check all the cells are aligned. You do not have to harvest first if you don’t want to - as resetting the frames to the closed position won’t open the other cells.
As long as you only insert the Flow Key in the UPPER operating slot and rotate 90 degrees.

Here is our detailed faq on resetting the Flow Frames before use:

Some people like to turn the Flow Key on the left, then the right and then the middle to make sure they are all aligned correctly.

If this does not solve the problem, one of the Flow Frame pieces might be out of alignment. To fix this you have to reassemble the Flow Frame. There is quick 2-minute video which shows you how to do this here:


If you have any other issues or can’t get all the cells re-aligned please email Flow Customer Support so that the issue can be trouble-shooted or a replacement sent if necessary.


Thanks for all the input. I have placed the L bar key in and turn it a few times to make sure it is all aligned. I’m not quite sure how i missed it as I spent quite a bit of time meticulously making sure everything was aligned when I set up the hive.
I have not gone back in yet to see if it has made a difference to the alignment, as the weather has not been favourable.
@ Dan2 it was at the entrance end.
@Faroe the whole uncapped section is all out of alignment. The capped, is not, that’s why I was curious to how this has happened. All other frames are fine.
I will follow up once I have opened up the super and pulled and the frame in the next few days.

Hi Pucko…ok thanks. Well in that case, could it be possible that the key was not pushed all the way in when it was turned? That is all I can imagine, bar some fault with the frames.

No worries, let us know how you go.
The other thing could be that the wire is potentially loose… if you think you checked they were all aligned when you first started.

The instructions on how to tighten the wire are also in a video in the link above.

Hi @Faroemailto:honeyflow@discoursemail.com,

I pulled out the frame to inspect again, to see that most of the unaligned cells had lined up with the exception of 2-4 vertical rows. So the moving of the key numerous times, had some effect.

I harvested the frame yesterday and left it open and am about to pull out the frame and check it all over thoroughly. Do you think I should clean it all up with hot water etc. to do this.

Also, I gather I should not leave the vacant space of the frame too long??


Nigel Puckeridge

I wouldn’t. It will help the bees to refill it faster if you leave the wax on it. I would just make sure the cells all close again properly after your harvest.

If you have a nectar flow, the less time the better. If you leave a gap in the box, the bees will start to fill it with crazy comb.

I’m wondering if the bees have partially sealed/glued the misaligned cells so they may not easily re align unless cleaned in some way? At least the 2-4 rows anyhow.

Hi @Dan2mailto:honeyflow@discoursemail.com

This was my concern and thinking too. I will know shortly, I am pulling it out this afternoon.


Nigel Puckeridge

ok…if there is a problem-perhaps freeze them for a few hours and any wax will then hopefully be brittle enough that it might break off when you apply pressure by turning the key, allowing the plastic to align.


Good idea, because it works for propolis too, according to Cedar (co-founder of Flow). :blush:


I’d try taking the section apart that was stuck in the open position and clean just that part out until it works smoothly. Most likely there is debris in the mechanism preventing it from closing properly. Try and keep the section that was functioning together…

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Hi Nigel,

Thank you for the further information. It sounds like you may have a misaligned segment. I cant be sure, but if you have inserted the entire length of the Flow Key into the upper operation slot and some of the segments remain open it is a possibility.

I would pay close attention to the cells out of alignment at the honey trough, if there is an issue you should be able to locate it on close examination, especially if there is a blockage or a loose segment. If you are noticing something out of the ordinary, that doesn’t seem remediable - through some of the previously offered advice. Email pictures through to faults@honeyflow.com. I will be able to help further should more support be needed.