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Flow Frames for Sale. Jackson NJ


3rd year beekeeper here. For some reason, I’ve had no luck with the flow frames. My bees don’t even draw comb on them. I’ve installed them in several different hives with different strains of bees.

I’m selling the frames & honey super with tubes & whatever else comes with them.

I’m in Jackson NJ & can ship




Did you try wax on them? My bees were using them within 2 days when I did that, and filled them within about 6 weeks.


Yes, I tried wax, I tried honey

Absolutely no luck


How much? My 4-H students may be interested.


$150 with the frames (6) Super, tubes and the “key” thingy


That’s a bargain, Ed (@Red_Hot_Chilipepper) should snap them up forthwith! :blush:


I PM’ed you………;;;;;;;;;;;;