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Flow Frames in a 5 Frame Nucleus


Anyone tried putting Flow Frames into a standard Langstroth 5 frame nuc box? Any pictures of the modifications?

I’m assuming 3 frames would fit.

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Three frames fit well in a 4fr Nuc (that is what I use and did). In a 5fr Nuc there would be more space either side of the flow frames and potentially lead to a lot of crazy comb if not solved.


4 frame flow super for a 5 frame hive. I ended up with a 6mm overhang each side, but it sits on fine. If I did it again or decide to make more 5 frame boxes I’d do the boxes side walls from 25mm timber and the super from 19mm, that’d leave them perfect.


Thinking about it… leaving the boxes constructed from 19mm (3/4) and using 13mm (1/2) for the side walls of the super would be an easier option. (Ends of the super stay 19mm)

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