Flow hive 2... And Australia

@faroe Out of interest, howcome when I go to the Australian flow hive site I can’t see anything on the main page about the flow hive 2 but on the US/international site I can see something mentioning flow hive 2?

Also, it says it is coming 5th March… But as I type this it is 1638 AWST on the 5th March…and there is no information??


Still waiting for the big announcement here in the USA too. Currently 11:30 AM EST.

12:30 pst = 3:30 est :slight_smile:

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Just got the email. Looks nice for a fully integrated solution.

Woodware/hardware upgrades only as I see it. Have the flow frames been improved, I didn’t think so?


I am very confused that I just got an email offering exclusive offers to original supporters, but when I click on the link it goes to the generic indiegogo campaign that anyone can see and is only cedar and in $US. I just ordered 2, but am thinking I might have wasted my money, as perhaps an australian version will be out soon?

Can someone from flow please explain :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, in their video they say that they include the 2nd generation flow frames.

PS, I should add that I extract my honey by hand & I never get dead bees flowing out with the honey out of the honey gate. There may be the very occasional dead bee mixed with the cappings. However by the time the honey frame is ready to be spun, it’s free of any bees.

I just wish they didn’t include that dead bee in the video.


Hi Julia, on the video, Cedar mentioned that all the hives are being made inhouse with their own equipment now. This is the only hive being offered and is $US as that is currency of Indiegogo. There is a link in the email to Indiegogo allowing you to access the “Secret Perk” available to founding members, however it is all Sold Out already. The Perk was $30 off and a Flow Hive Cap… :nerd_face:

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Oh, well I guess I didn’t miss too much then :slight_smile:

Perhaps they could have released some perks Aus time too, as I wasn’t up at 3.30am to log on & see what was happening…

I’m just wondering when they’ll be releasing a hoop pine version of the new hive, and if that will work out cheaper for us in this part of the world. I think we’ll stick with what we’ve ordered & then see what comes later.

Cheers heaps,



Thanks Jeff. I wonder what the Gen 2 flow frame difference is? And if they can be ordered separately.


This is the response I received when I asked the question:

Our generation 2 Flow Frames now contain lots of minor improvements for better functionality, durability and to further minimise any disturbance to the bees during harvest.

These include:
• Adjustments in the cell depth of the moving comb blade, so the movement that forms channels through the comb happens deeper beneath the bees feet for minimal disturbance, this also allows the bees to draw out their comb further.
• A decrease in the cell wall thickness results in a slight increase in the amount of honey that can be stored and harvested from each Flow Frame.
• The central spine of the moving parts is now more robust offering more durability.
• An increase in the reset and lift pressure from the Flow Key is added for better functionality.
• Added radiuses and angles for easier insertion of the Flow Frames when beekeeping.
• Some cosmetic rounded edges have been added on the front lower transparent end.
• Tighter securing cables hold the frame together more securely.
• Upper and lower frame caps now have a handle negating the need for pliers to remove.


I hope they make the stands and shelves to sell everyone because the bottom board on the new one might be more substantial to over winter and feed and entrance reduce. The one that came with my first flow would not keep the bees warm enough for long enough, entrance reducing is done with hacked up paint stirrers and the roof blew off a lot. The new one looks like it has a lot more engineering for the entire hive.

it’s exciting!

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It’ll be interesting to see whether the 2nd gen. frames have the same leaking problems. If they can fix those leakage problems, I reckon they’ll be on a winner.


Further feedback suggests they are able to be ordered already but the pictures don’t match the updates so I’m not so sure. But it seems some of the improvements are about leakage control.


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Hiya Adam, I broached this subject about the frames some time ago but didn’t get a bite from Flow.

My understanding is that there are only 2 generations of F frames, founding and now. Correct me if I’m wrong Flow.
I have harvested from both of the above and find little difference between them but I wouldn’t expect much as there’s already +10 yrs r&d in them.
I have found Flow to be very accomodating and I’m sure if you emailed them they would help you out price wise. :wink:
It is disappointing seeing the US$ cost with Au$ discount in the same add but I guess their market is the US of A. I wonder if the new import Tarif will affect the price like our other US exports. :confused:
Oh golly did I just get political? Shame on me.

Hi Alan,
It has only been released on Indiegogo now as a pre-sale, estimated shipping May, but this could be later, as there may be delays with shipping, and sorting once they arrive in our distribution warehouses…
It will then be available on our websites. It is not on our Australian website now, because it is not available now on our Australian website.
I see a notification on our Australian website, with a link to our Indiegogo page.

There will be a price difference on our webshops. The price on our Australian webshop will be in AUD, just like normal.
Unfortunately, Indiegogo, only has currency in USD, and that is the platform that was originally used to crowdfund, and Flow is continuing on the same page.

The new Flow Hives are being made in-house in Australia - so there will be no extra import fees to Australian customers, and you will be getting a 100% Australian designed and made product! Woohoo! :slight_smile: (The Flow Frames are still only made in Brisbane, Australia).
The orders being shipped to the USA - will be shipped in bulk (thus the potential shipping delay, because of customs, etc) - and the import fees will be absorbed by Flow as usual. Once they hit the USA shore - they will go to our distribution warehouse in Tennessee - to then be distributed throughout the USA.

When you purchase through IGG - the benefits are $50USD/$65AUD voucher, the leg kit - is an optional extra, which is being included for free with the Indigogo perk. You will have to pay for this later on our webshops (if you want the leg kit).

The price on all sites is always an equivalent amount between USD, AUD and Euros. So, purchasing in USD through Indiegogo is an equivalent amount in AUD, and the savings should transfer across in Australian dollars to what it will be later on our Australian webshop.


@faroe Thanks for the response.

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Thanks Adam, that was what I was wondering too.

We just purchased our second Flow last December (to be ready for this spring in Seattle) so won’t be using this founding supporters offer.

It is a beautiful hive :purple_heart::honeybee::tent:

Hi Faroe,

Thanks for that. Does that mean that the cedar wood is getting shipped from America to Australia, then made into flow hives and then shipped back? Is there plans to use the hoop pine for production in Oz and cedar in America - seems like an awfully big carbon footprint to me :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure but I think they may be sourcing the cedar here in Australia.

i am wondering if they will offer this in hoop pine- which I really like - though it is a lot heavier. More robust. I also wonder what thickness timber they are using- I think the original cedar were 19mm and the hoop pine 21mm.

OH- and I really think the new hive looks fantastic! I want one even though I definitely don’t need one.