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Flow Hive 2+ to retrofit FH2?

I was wondering which, if any, of the new upgraded functions or parts to the FH2+ can be added to the prior FH2.


If the adjustable leg threads are the same, can I purchase just the pest stopper pieces? Is the new tray the same size as the old one (mine is cracked and will not hold liquid)? Is the entrance reducer able to be added?

@Freebee2 - can you find out and let everyone in the forum know, I am sure others are wondering.

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I’d like to know if the pest stopper pieces are effective against jumping jacks aka jack jumper ants. These are the bain of my life with my fh2. I ended up taking the legs off my fh as the ants would just jump over the grease-covered legs. The ants are a similar size to bees so traps are no good and they don’t form trails, making it hard to find the nest. When you do find the nest you might succeed in killing part of the nest, but they tend to make a new entrance. Here’s a pic of the scoundrel with a european wasp for scale:

I now have the fh up on steel legs with a large band of grease and cooking oil. So far, so good, but I’m still not confident.

I note the fh+ without the legs is sold out, yet the fh2+ with legs added isn’t! How odd!

I assume the entrance reducer just comes in the one (tiny) size. A larger option would be great too.

Hi Alok,

Thank you for your interest in our new hive features. You sure spotted that quickly!

The entrance reducer will be compatible with all of our Flow Hives.

The leg threads on the new Hive Stand are a different size so the FH2+ ant guards aren’t compatible. However, we really want to look after our exisiting customers so are planning to introduce a new retrofit version of this product as soon as possible.

Neither of these individual components will be available until April at the earliest… exisiting customers can contact customer support to pre-order theirs as these items won’t be listed on our websites until they are in stock.

If you have any other questions at this stage please let me know :slight_smile:

What about the new gal legs for the stand, will they be available separately? My wood has split and I need to make a change.


Thank you - and the tray?