For Sale: Established Flow hive 2 Cedar 6 frames with bees, Strathalbyn, South Australia

Nov 30 - 1 x Cedar Flow Hive 2 + 1 x Langstroth 10 beehive For Sale: Strathalbyn, South Australia
Both hives are producing honey and have strong families in them.
Bonus for the buyer are 1 X full XL suit and 1 x extra head mask, 1 X pair gloves, 1 X J hive tool, 1X manual, 1 X Bee Smoker, 1 X Bee Brush, 1 X Uncapping Fork, 1 X Queen Catcher, 1 X Hive Frame Holder, 1 X Spur Wire Wheel Embedder, 1 X Hive Tool.
Health problems prevent me from keeping them.


Hi. How much are you looking to get?

Hi Jason
Thank you for your interest.
I am looking tp get $800 for the lot.
Kind regards

HI Simona

Do you have any photos showing the condition of the Flow Hive 2? I would inspect but I am interstate. Is it advertised anywhere else that I can private message you?

Hi Simona, I am in the Southern suburbs. How old are the hives please? Iā€™d be keen to come and have a look.

HI Tracie
You are welcome to come and inspect them. 2yrs old.
My number is 0421 724771.

Hey Simona, have you sold this yet?

Thanks for your interest Ryan.
Not sold yet. I have some interested parties. My number is 0421724771.
Kind regards

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Hello Simona,
Is the hive still available?
We are new to bee keeping, happy to come and view a time suitable to you.
We are in Mclaren Vale.
I will text you tomorrow (Monday) should I not hear from you.