Flow Hive Research Support Program

The Flow Hive Research Support Program provides our patented Flow Frames and Hives to researchers in order to support working with bees in any field of research. Applicants must have beekeeping experience, be affiliated with a research institution and provide evidence of their capacity to conduct research.

Why choose Flow Hive for your research project?

Flow Frames allow for in-field harvesting reducing labour, equipment requirements and the possibility of cross-contamination of samples during extraction. Using Flow Frames you can choose to harvest from a single frame of honey or even a small section of a frame. The ease of harvest allows for more frequent harvesting and improves sampling efficiency.

Flow Frames and supers provide a window into the hive enabling easier and less intrusive observation of bees in the honey super. Flow Frames are also versatile and existing supers can be readily adapted to hold Flow Frames.

Flow Hive Research Support Program 2019 - Now Open

How to apply

Download the application guidelines for eligibility requirements.

Complete the online application form by 30th May 2019 and specify the following:

  • Your qualifications and experience
  • Name and contact details of the supervisor nominated for the proposed project. Applicants must provide a letter of support from the supervisor head of department or apiary manager.
  • Proposed project – including aims, how you will conduct the research project, benefit or expected outcomes and project timeline

If you have any enquiries regarding the Flow Research Support Program please contact our research team.