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Flow Hive spare parts now available for sale at a discounted price!


We now have spare parts for sale on our International and Australian websites.
They are also discounted, so if you need to upgrade your hive or replace any spare parts, now is the time :slight_smile:
This is for a limited time until stocks sell out, so get in quick :wink:

At the moment on the International website we have:

At the moment on our Australian website we have:


I want to buy an EXTRA roof. Are these or similar available anywhere online?

Hi Faroe,

Would there be any available in the European website?


I find the expensive component of ordering spare parts from Flow Hive is the postage costs.
A spare flow key would be nice but $20 postage is excessive.



Done! Thanks for the heads up.


Hi Paras,
At this stage we don’t have the extra spare parts up on the EU site. Just the Flow Key and caps, covers and tubes kit:

If you need a spare part for your hive, please email info@honeyflow.com and we will see what we have in stock in our European warehouse and if we can do an order for your manually :slight_smile:
(At the moment we have excess spare parts stock in our American and Australian warehouse, therefore the sale on these websites).


Hi Alan,

I’m sorry about the postage fees. Unfortunately, these are determined by our couriers and Australia Post in Australia. We don’t make any propfits on the shipping.
Shipping costs are based on the weight and dimensions of the box.

You are however welcome to email info@honeyflow.com with your shipping address and order, and we can make sure the shipping prices are correct. (Sometimes there is a technical issue between the website and shipping site that can cause incorrect shipping prices).


I agree. I need a key and some spare tubes. Total of $30, but was going to cost $50 in postage!!!
Sorry Flow but I am going to McGuyver some parts rather than pay that postage.
A post pack from the post office would be about $8 which would be fair.


@faroe what is the difference between the AU and US baseboards? I would have expected the same size etc but the site appears to indicate that founding buyers should opt for the WRC US style.


The original Flow Hives from our Indiegogo campaign were made in the USA. Later we made the Cedar Flow Hives in Australia for Australians.
They are made by different manufacturers and the wood has slightly different dimensions from memory.
If you are buying for an original Flow Hive Classic in Cedar from Indiegogo I would pick the US cedar baseboard.
I will double check tomorrow to see all the differences.


Thanks. That would be helpful if you can check. There are no US style baseboards in the Australia store available. I can’t imagine a big difference so was just going to pickup an AU version but I’ll wait until I hear back.


Hi Alan,

My manager has confirmed that the US baseboards are a different size, thicker timber than the AU version. We will have these in stock in approximately 2 weeks.

The AU Araucaria version is probably a closer bit for the founding supporter hives.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Chris_Oversby and @felmo,

We are checking on the shipping prices of these spare parts with our shipping department. I’ll let you know if we can find a way to make it any cheaper :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thank you!!!


That’s excellent news. I really want to support Flow, but $50 is $50 :slight_smile:


Hey Faroe, how did you go with the freight rates?
I’m very keen to get hold of some keys and bottom tubes.


Hi Chris, I have got some spare tubes in Esperance. 99 Canning Dr.


Hi Chris,

I have heard back from the shipping manager, and unfortunately, the shipping prices cannot be reduced. The Flow Key cannot fit into any conventional carton or postbag.
I also asked about a postal tube, but it won’t fit in there either.

When it is included in the Flow Hive box it just slips in on the side and is, therefore, cheaper, but on its own Australia Post charge a large shipping fee for the box.

Fingers crossed another warehouse/carrier will reduce the shipping cost in the future.

Sorry about that.


What about a supplier in the capital cities that stocks such items as flow keys and the plastic tubes?
Eliminate the high postal charges altogether.


Thanks Gill.
I’m going on holidays for a week, so can I get hold of you when I return?
In addition I am picking up some spare parts for some new hives and a new bee suit from Ripple Farm in Albany on Sat 16th Feb. If you need any Langstroth hive parts, tools or other gear apart from Flow stuff please give me a call or text on 0427 422084


Ok …Daren Dixon at 19 Princess st has a heap of gear from a Chinese copy of Flow Hive, he might have keys and tubes which fit. See you when you get back. Ph. 90717204