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Lost Flow Frame Parts - A Solution! 😄


For those of us with too many “safe” places for keeping their Flow key or who have managed to drop a cap or tube in the long grass, Flow has sneaked a solution onto their web site. A kit of 2 each of the plastic parts is $6 plus shipping in the US, and the key is $15 plus shipping. Fantastic news for anyone who has lost something, or just wants spares. :blush:



This is good News ! I’ve not lost anything yet because I’ve kept in one of my original boxes out in my woodshop next to my apiary. I’m lucky but many I’ve read on the forum that others still trying to figure what that sting on their fingers mean :smile::+1:.

Ta Ta,



Even better news. My parts arrived 5 days after I ordered them (California, USA).

Tire marks on your Flow tube cap? No problem!!! :blush: