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Flow Hive spare parts now available for sale at a discounted price!


I wonder how much the postage would be if a flow key was sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard before taping it up with packaging tape. Surely flow could try that.

I saw @DextersShed’s video on the Chinese lookalike, the key was quite flimsy & not as strong as the flow key.



Hey Chris, I’m in Perth and have spare key/s also if you are up this way. :+1:



Hi everyone,

If shipping is prohibitive for you to order any of our spare parts on sale - please email info@honeyflow.com
Our customer service team will work out the best solution for you :slight_smile:

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G’day Skeggley
I’m keen to buy a couple if you have them. Would you be able to contact me on 0427422084.



FYI you are better off sending your phone number in a personal message instead of on the public topic. Sometimes there are trolls, bots, etc who will take your number and spam you.



Thanks Faroe. I’m a bit dim when it comes to that sort of thing.

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Hi Skeggley. I’ve got a mate in Perth now. Is there a chance he can pick up those keys?



You’re welcome :slight_smile: It’s good to know. We all start somewhere.

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