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Flow hives for africa ?)


How about some representation in Africa ?
The product is creating quite a stir here
But local currency pressure makes it a hard sell!

Need an agent in South Africa!!!


How could the people that need to make ends meet and keep bees to that end afford a Flow hive? Most use top bars or home made Lang’s.
Or do you mean the well off hobbyist?


@Dee The middle class in South Africa, although small, comprises around 8,000,000 people, around the same size as the population of Austria. There is most certainly a market for it here.

I wonder how many hives need to be sold in South Africa to make it profitable for Flow.


sorry… quite remiss if me


@Dee Herewith a formal invitation to leave grey skies behind and to come visit me in sunny South Africa.


Hi Anton,

If anyone would like to apply to distribute they can apply through our distributor page here;

We do ship to South Africa, but we need to do a personal shipping quote each time unfortunately at this stage.
They need to contact customer service through our contact page: