Cape Town - SOUTH AFRICAN flow keepers

Hi there all, anyone else hail from South Africa and intending to use FLOW hives? Let’s hook up here. Anyone got any concerns regarding our smaller bee size being compatible with the standard sized FLOW frames?
(I am based in Cape Town.)

Howzit? You mean our African bees that have terrorised those in the Americas? No, no concerns, bees are adaptable. I now live in Texas and catch swarms that may, or may not, be “Africanised”. Congrats on your new hive and voorspoed.

I am also in Cape Town - waiting for FlowHive order to arrive, hopefully before the end of the year.
Our bees in Cape Town (mellifera capensis) are friendly to Americans (and other foreigners) - not like the African honeybee (mellifera scutellata) :smile: .
The flow hives are just for honey storage - cell size is irrelevant. The bees will be very flexible.


Oh I wish I was back in CT :wink:

That seems to be the general consensus - they will FI not FO! Lets hope so.

Hi there My father keeps bees in the Eastern Cape and recently we have been having discussions with others regarding this new invention. Have you or anyone else harvested using this new flow hive? We are very sure other hives will rob from the tap and cause fights but would happily be wrong.

Please let us know what you have found.

Thanks Claire & fellow eastern cape beekeepers

Good question about robbing . The way the flow frames are designed, unless you are actively harvesting the honey, the tops are covered and internal to the hive and not accessible. This does not prevent the normal robbing that can go on through the hive entrance. But that has nothing to do specifically with the design of the flow frames.

Hi Thomas,

Did your Flow Hive arrive? Any updates…?

Also interested in updates, I get my first hives next week!

So anyone received their FLOW hives?

Not I …

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Ok, does anyone know of someone in South Africa that owns a Flow Hive. Or knows someone that actually imported one?
Thinks it might be easier to make one here in the R of SA if we had the plans? (nudge nudge wink wink!!):wink:

I heard from an experienced Beek, that they had being testing one in the Cape somewhere, and the Cape bees seemed to be happy with the larger cell​:+1::+1:.
They also apparently testing it in Limpopo, but no feedback as yet. My Flow is supposed to be arriving soon so keen to get going to see if our African bees will go for the larger cell…

Hi all,

I would like to order a flow hive but don’t know where or how to buy one.
On there website there is no shipping option to good old SA.
So how did you guys get hold of the flow hive?

Looks like they have taken South Africa (and a lot of other African countries) off the shipping list. Perhaps @Faroe in customer service can shed some light on this? Here is the page which states that they are not shipping to SA at the moment:

Unfortunately we have recently discovered that due to import taxes and other unavoidable restrictions we cannot automatically ship to South Africa.

You may be able to use a package-redirection service, e.g. -

We can also provide a manual shipping quote for you.

Please email customer service with your:
Shipping name
Shipping address
Phone number for delivery

Which product/s you would like a shipping quote for.

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Hi Anton

MY name is Arthur would like to purchase flow box hive despretly.


Hi Atnton

Reply to my message as soon as you can or when you time to email or message from ZAMBIA.



Hi I’am Arthur well be in SA in OCtober month would like to meet with you and see
your flow hive.MY email