Flow hives in the Pacific Northwest

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have been told Flow hives are extremely hard to maintain in this region. I guess my question would be why, and do any successful Flow hive keepers have any tips or tricks. No members of our local Bee club have experience in Flow hives so I’m on my own.

Hi Erin, welcome to the forum. One person immediately comes to mind is @Gerald_Nickel .

Another bloke in the Atlantic North East is @VinoFarm Maybe I should have said New England area. He made a lot of Youtube videos, starting off with a Flow hive. In one video he stated that he didn’t think the Flow hive was suited to his climate. Last time I looked, he had accumulated quite a few traditional hives.

Thank you I will look him up! I

You’re welcome Erin. This is the first video of his that I’ve seen for a few years, which I’m watching now. He has really come a long way in just a few years, which I’m really impressed with.

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I’d also have a look at the posts and videos from @Doug1 as he is in North Canada and may have some relevant information for you.

This has a good overview and discussion Tales from the beehouse in the far north of canada - Beekeeping - Basics / Bearding - Flow Forum (honeyflow.com)

All the best

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We have 3 Flow Hives in portland and they work great!

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