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Flowers doing a little dance

I purposely leave these flowers at the back of my house for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to a beekeeper anyway. Not to a contractor paid to cut the easement. I laugh when observing them on a windless morning as the bees land and alight each flower. Aah. Small things amuse…etc.


Was there a photo to go with this?

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Yeah there was a video but didn’t load. I’ll try again.

I’m a sucker for going on tangents for the smallest of things to amuse me. One example was I saw some first instar Assassin Bugs on my chili bush. That led me on a real tangent, as I watched every stage of development over several weeks.

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So I’ve tried but I cannot get my video to upload. I’m a little challenged in that respect. But picture this, lots of dandelions sitting in a congregation. As each bee settles on the flower it drops down 3-4 inches and bounces back up when they fly off to repeat on the next flower. Quite amusing when there’s several bees doing their thang! Amused me anyways😁. Maybe that says more about me than anything else.

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The forum doesn’t take videos as an upload, but there is a work-around. :grin: You just upload your video to youtube.com, then paste the share link from it into a message. Voila! We will all be able to see your dancing flowers. :blush:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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I can see that…I have a good imagination. Ask our Dawn.

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Ha. Thanks Dawn. I was going to mention Bill and Ben but thought it may have been lost on our overseas contributors. I’m also the ‘old’ Bill and Ben. That was much fun.

When I started watching it, it was in black and white only. Wonderful stuff!

Weeeeee-eeeeeddd! :rofl: :heart_eyes:

Dawn, does that mean they had it in colour? I only saw it as black and white, but then that might be because we didn’t get a colour tv until I was in high school. Klop-a-lop little weeed. (Or something like that)

LOL! I think the colour version in the video I posted is a remake. All of the originals that I saw were in black and white, but then we didn’t have a colour TV until I was a teenager. :blush: