Which 7 frame super?

I am confused about which flowhive supers I should order and would like some guidance.
I have built flowhive classic hives, but I have had to buy new brood boxes because the nuc frames from my breeder will be 30cm deep (6cm too deep). Now I have 10 frame brood boxes that are 50cmx43 cm. I know I need a 7 frame flowhive super. But which flowhive super will fit a brood box of this shape?
Many thanks

Je croix que vous avez besoin de l’avis de Honeyflow… :wink:

Hey @Bianca and @Freebee2, it sounds like our probably European/Swiss friend is working with Dadant size boxes. I might be wrong about that, but as you are the company professionals, do you have any answers to this question? Thank you!!

Langstroth Super should fit. Size of current frames wont mater as the super is plastic Flow frames.

@SuisseAbeille I am not 100% sure what you’re using. They sound a touch smaller than Dadant and marginally wider than 10 frame Langstroths. I suspect they are 10 frame Langstroths, they do vary slightly. Importantly, it sounds as though they’ll be close enough for a 7 frame Flow Super (which is equivalent to a 10 frame Langstroth) to be used with. There would be a slight over/under hang but should be close enough to sit one atop the other from a functionality point of view. Either the Classic or Flow Hive 2 will work, and neither will be a completely perfect fit. You may need to nail a narrow piece of timber or similar minor modification - nothing serious but wanted to give you fair warning!

@Dawn_SD thanks for tagging me and @HappyHibee thanks for responding

Also - please see this page for more info on our box dimensions if you wish Flow Hive & Flow Frame weights and dimensions

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Thanks @Freebee2 . That’s what i had figured. Nail on a couple of strips of wood to manage the over/under hang. The choice seems to be between Classic Araucaria 7 and Flow Hive 2 Araucaria 7.
Thanks for you help.


Though it seems that the Flow Hive 2 Araucaria 7 super is not available without buying the whole hive. So it’ll be Classic Araucaria 7 super, or nothing :frowning:

It’s almost the same. I’m ordering one for another Hive at work and another full 7 frame Araucaria Flow Hive 2 for the same project.

2.5 Flow Hives :rofl::rofl:

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